LIFE Leadership Scam- Make your own review on the Business Plan

Posted: January 22, 2014 in LIFE Business, Uncategorized
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Success is a choice,  and if you are looking for something for nothing, this will not be the Business for you.  It is a business after all. When people go to college, many times they go into a field and don’t know anyone that is in that field.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not against education, I’m against people being painted in a corner and not having a way to get a job in their field after graduating.  So at best, they are guessing on how they want to spend the rest of their lives.  Now using college as an example, lets run it through the LIFE Business is a Scam filter.

If I enrolled in college and never went to class,  was college a scam? No

If I went to class but never studied and failed, was it a scam? No

If I tried hard and didn’t get a 4.0, but used the info in my life moving forward and my thinking was shaped for ever, was it a scam? No

If someone goes to college and spends a bunch of money, and doesn’t take it serious, it doesn’t mean the college was a scam.  It means the person shouldn’t have wasted the colleges reputation.

I do think that college is highly over priced.  Many people get stuck in huge student loans that they can never pay off.  I heard a statistic the other day that College tuition is inflated 500% since the 1990’s.

When someone comes to a LIFE event they get to meet people that are succeeding at the program they are going to get involved in.  Just like anything that someone wants to be a professional at, they are going to invest time and money to master whatever program they choose. LIFE Leadership is no different in that area.  When people get involved they are staring a BUSINESS and taking on some new responsibilities.  When you make that commitment, you are taking a chance that you aren’t going to give yourself YOUR best effort.  Remember, YOU started a business.

I think its funny that someone can join our company for around $100 and someone is going to help them.  I, many years ago, could have started disparaging the people online that didn’t come through on their end.  What I mean is that they didn’t try as hard as they said they would.  Instead I decided to keep moving forward and find people that would do what they said they would.

Questions to ask someone that says LIFE Leadership can’t or won’t work.

1. Do they understand how team approach works?

Team Approach is a business building style where we all work together to build a common and consistent market flow of products made up of other business partners and customers that they connect with.  Also with team approach you build with people that are brought into the community and you probably didn’t even know them before you got started. The fact that you can benefit from marketshare that you personally didn’t produce, that is pretty amazing.

2. How many meetings have they attended and what was their activity level?

– Most of the time they haven’t came to much and if they did, they were really bad students.

This one is funny because people tend to see themselves as very committed.  (A crooked line doesn’t know it’s crooked until compared to a straight line.)

3. How many times did they go Power Player and Go Getter?

4. How can they say it won’t work when it is working for so many?

Maybe they, like many, don’t want to do the work.

5. Do they know that the Founders are field leaders?  Which means they don’t get a special deal and pay each month.  They get paid the same way as everyone else in the field.

6. Have they ever owned a conventional business before?

People that own conventional business’s usually understand the cost of doing business.  LIFE Leadership is a very cheap business to own and operate.

I know the Pyramid thing comes up many times.  Also I know that most networking companies have done some really goofy things over the years.

In a pyramid- you can’t make more $ than the person that brought you in, you don’t really have a product, and you make $ on the process of signing up people.

The intentions of the Founders of the LIFE Leadership Company were to run a legitimate business that would last longer than them.  If you see how LIFE Leadership builds teams, and you are motivated, you will love it.  The LIFE Leadership Company looks to find the performers and pay them.

So as I said at the beginning of the article, “If you are looking for something for nothing, this is not for you.”   Life Leadership, just like any business, is going to take some effort,time, & money.  The results you get here are where the difference is.  It’s a way to finally get your time spent at something to pay you more than once.  In almost all small business, the owner is the magic.   In LIFE Leadership the System is the Magic.

thanks for reading,

Steve Morgan

  1. Jim Pate says:

    Those are some very good points Steve!
    I know that if people take the time to really look they will find that the LIFE business is not only an excellent business but an excellent education that doesn’t wait for you to graduate before it starts paying you back!
    I really enjoyed and appreciated your insights!

    • Jim,
      I appreciate when a business owner gives perspective. You have a great self employed business outside of LIFE Leadership. Its frustrating when companies that see us as a threat will pay people to go online and twist facts to scare people. Sometimes it works. I chose to get my info from people that win at stuff, instead of people that quit and tell their failure stories to try and scare others from taking a chance on themselves. I agree, the personal education that someone will receive here is amazing. I call it “the education you weren’t supposed to get.”
      Steve Morgan

  2. Well said Steve! Impressive results require impressive efforts. Give it 100% effort and you can not fail. Fire up!

  3. Deb Brooks says:

    Well put Steve!
    My father was a business owner and he taught me that with honesty and hard work you will be successful, that is why I know that LIFE is not a scam, our leaders are driven and hard working!

    • Deb,
      Interesting perspective. Having a dad that was a business owner, you probably saw a good amount of real sacrifice on his part. There will always be the faceless voices out in the world saying “Its not fair!” At some point people have to decide who they will listen to.

      Steve Morgan

  4. Great post Steve! There are so many natural born leaders out there looking for the right vehicle to propel them past mediocrity. LIFE Leadership is that vehicle. As you stated, this takes work and those that will do the work will be greatly rewarded in so many ways not just monetarily. BBNQ

    • Chad,
      Yes, its a vehicle. I am alarmed at how many people will go online and read stories and make their life decision on a story that may not have even been true. Logically, who’s gonna go online and say “LIFE Leadership is a scam because I’m lazy, or a bad student and don’t want to change?” That would be crazy, it would make them look like the problem. You will be rewarded, in many ways.

      thanks for reading,

      Steve Morgan

  5. JB Thompson says:

    Thank you for setting the record straight. Something for nothing? Not if its worth it.

    • JB

      Isn’t it crazy that someone would believe that they are going to have a large business and not make a significant sacrifice? I know when I first got started building Communities I thought it was a deal where you just got some people started and let them do it. Now I understand that its a profession of duplication.

      thanks for reading

      Steve Morgan

  6. Thanks for sharing this post Steve. Anything worthwhile takes work and I believe 100% of what you just wrote. The thing I love is that it does not matter the age, education or background; anyone can have success if they have a heart for people and want to help people win. These days, that is not very commonplace. Thanks again for the blog Steve.

    Nicholas Nighbor

    • Nick
      Thanks for the response. Success comes at a cost in anything that you do. I was sure glad that there wasn’t an education requirement to do what we are doing here. I wouldn’t have qualified.


  7. Steve, you NAILED it in your comparison of LIFE to college! The college that I attended (30 years ago) is not the same college of today. I was able to graduate in 4 years with a student loan of only $1500!! (I paid @$50/credit) Now, students graduate with debt of $30,000-$130,000!!! That is MORE than the mortgage I paid on my first house!!! The phrase “Go to school, get good grades, get a good job” is no guarantee – even if you DO work hard! I was one of the few who got a teaching job in the ’80’s when jobs were scarce. Today, SO many graduate and CANNOT find a job in their major field – and their debt will go with them forever. My dad was a chef and worked 80 hours a week. He had his own restaurant and he and my mom were never home. When they retired, they had no pension or savings-everything went into the business. I can only imagine how their lives would have been different and how much more time they could have spent with us kids if they had put all those hours into the LIFE business!!!
    I still believe in college- we need great teachers & doctors, but, we NEED to change the way corporate thinking has taken over! Team approach is a business model that makes sense! Thanks for LEADING THE WAY!!

  8. Kirk Birtles says:

    Steve, Great post my friend! It is laughable to think of LIFE Leadership as a scam considering as you said it is only $100 to be in business with LL. That’s less than half the price I just had to pay to get one new tire for Pete’s sake! I spent 8 years in college, 2 degrees and it cost me 100K in Student Loans, 150K with the interest by the time paid off!! You’ve given some great examples and a great perspective in this post. Thanks for taking the time to add value to our profession and purpose. Its a pleasure and an an honor to be in this battle with you and Beth. God bless, kb

  9. tjkeena1 says:

    Steve, Thanks for this awesome article. So true. Thank you also for all of your support and continued drive to do whatever it absolutely takes to win!! So many need to hear this truth!!!

  10. tjkeena1 says:

    Steve, Thanks for the awesome article. Thank you for your support, drive and determination. It gives us HOPE, which in today’s world, so many do not have. Anybody can become Somebody! Thanks again for your truth and perseverance.. We are SO BLessed to have you leading the way and in our lives for sure!!!

  11. Clint Fix says:

    Well said Steve! If anyone does even the slightest bit of critical thinking, they’ll realize that not only is LIFE Leadership not a scam, but it is, in fact, something that is desperately needed in our society today.

  12. jondelange says:

    Solid explanation Steve, objections many people have are usually based on ignorance or, more menacingly, fear. It’s great to see these thoughts publicized!

  13. Sharon Nelson-Curtice says:

    Great post, Steve; you made a lot of excellent points! The Life Business is one that anyone, from any walk of life, with any kind of background can become part of and choose what they want to achieve with it; whether it is simply fixing some areas in their lives or developing themselves to the point where they can influence thousands of people’s lives in a positive direction like you and Beth did. As Holger Spiewak says, the only way to lose is to quit! There is just too much fruit on the Life trees of the people in this community to label this a scam. Thanks for all you & Beth do for the Life community!

    Sharon Nelson-Curtice

  14. Holger says:

    Love it, Steve!! Great analysis and engaging questions to get the reader to think.

    Tx H. 🙂

  15. Brian VanDussen says:


    What this business model does, even though it’s really simple, allows you to better yourself but still requires hard work. People are so caught up in the handout mentality these days. Kids living with parents well into their 30’s. Adults that don’t want to have any responsibility. The government can fix it. WRONG!! Bettering yourself requires the right knowledge and principles that you must apply. If there is no application, even after college, there is no change. Great insight Steve. Keep battering that 90% thinking!

  16. Ray H says:

    Great post Steve! I love the college scam filter example and secular comparisons in general…the corporate pyramid being notable as well. It goes to show how warped our thinking has become. If 99 out of 100 lemmings jump off the cliff, it obviously must be the right and socially acceptable thing to do and all other options must be scrutinized! (Sarcasm intended) It’s also human nature to attribute our failures to something outside of ourselves, which is why so many are negative about the LIFE business when they have not done what they said they would and eventually quit. “It didn’t work for me so it couldn’t possibly be my fault, it must be the business.” It’s unfortunate that so many individuals think that way, but it is inherent to our fallen and sinful nature. If you ask me, the only scam filter needed is the application of one question: Does this glorify the Lord? A conventional business may or may not; a student attending a college may or may not; even a church may or may not! When I apply that filter to the LIFE business, I believe unequivocally that it stands up to the test. Lives have been changed and people are exposed to truth. If I’m not active in that effort, then did I pass the filter? Nope. So by my reckoning, the business passes with flying colors, while it is up to the individual to determine if they will be properly aligned. If I don’t run on the treadmill can I blame the treadmill for my lack of results? No, it served its purpose, but I didn’t utilize it. LIFE is a great business for those who choose to utilize it…do the work and the results will happen. How can we be so sure of the results? Consider this…if God is for us, who can be against us? That is why LIFE will succeed! FIRED UP!!!

  17. Ed Zachow says:

    Thanks for sharing Steve. As you know, my traditional business took several years of hard work and effort for me to be able to collect one paycheck. That’s how building a business works, there are no guarantees, ever! The thing I love about LIFE is that I have a mentor (or several) that will do whatever they can to help me succeed. That doesnt happen anywhere else. Anything worthwhile takes time and effort. If it doesnt happen for everyone, that just means they werent willing to do the work. That happens everyday in the “traditional” business world. Your results equal your effort!

  18. Andy Larsen says:

    Thanks for the great post, Steve. Having been on both sides of the issue, you made some great comparisons between college and Life Leadership. I spent five years getting a degree that I really don’t need for what I do. I would not say it wasn’t worth it though. I learned, grew, and gained some life-long friends. Now, having been a part of Life Leadership for several years, I’m not as far along as I’d like to be in a business sense, because I haven’t consistently treated it like a business. But during that time, I’ve learned grown a lot, and gained even more life-long friends. The thinking and principles I’ve learned through Life Leadership alone would have been worth it. But I don’t plan to stop there.

  19. Jim Croyle says:

    Great post! It ought to go a long ways towards helping people with posture.
    Thanks for being such a servant leader.
    Jim & Michele

  20. Rusty Russell says:

    Way to go Steve! Enjoyed the reading.

  21. Kortney Cox says:

    Steve –
    This article is AWESOME!! Scams, Pyramids, Cults, “I lost my shirt in a thing like that”.. ( the latter is my personal favorite of retarded comments made by people that TRULY don’t matter) AKA…IDIOTS! 😉 The bottom line is this; I was always told growing up that I wasn’t very smart and that a “formal
    education” was NOT in my future. I believed it. I WAS A NOBODY!! Low self-esteem, NO confidence or Character and an ugly divorce was on the horizon. This was MY Life until God introduced us to THIS LIFE!! The personal education I have received this far through the Books, CD’s, Association and Mentorship is PRICELESS!!! I am forever a work in progress, however, this information has saved my marriage, it has given me the courage to stand a little taller, to Love better, and to serve with PURPOSE!! It IS work, it WILL take time…IT IS WORTH IT! Beth was a Somebody, who made THIS Nobody, feel like a Somebody. I NOW understand what a GENUINE friendship/relationship looks like. SO, to wrap it all up….I SAY…SCAM, SPAM!!! If I DO “lose my shirt”, that’s OK! I will just take a bit of the money we have earned helping people and buy a REALLY NICE ONE to replace it!! HA! Thanks Steve! We Love and Appreciate you!!

    BTW….I am sending your article to a few family members!! 🙂

  22. Excellent Steve! We forget that we don’t know what we don’t know! Researching this business is necessary and I’m so glad trusted friends told me about it! That gave it credibility too, however, I had nothing to lose learning more by attending events! I’m sure glad I did as I have really grown and now, reading is one of my favorite hobbies and, hold your breath, I even write in them!

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