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Posted: October 9, 2013 in Faith, Family
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The State of Michigan has a unique event that they put on each year.  It’s called the “Mentored youth hunt.”  I chose this year to involve my two older kids in this event.  We got all geared up and prepared them by shooting the gun and seeing how they would handle that.  That went much better than I ever expected.  Accuracy was on and they were not scared of the gun, which is a big factor.  So on Friday night we headed up north and stayed with family.  IMG_1210

Since there were two kids, one Dad ,& one gun, we had a problem.  So we had to decide who was going to hunt at the different times and who would sit out.  Chloe, our oldest daughter, offered for Ty to hunt first.  Ty is two years younger than Chloe, but I thought it was a nice gesture on Chloes’ part.
The next morning Ty took his first shot at a deer, he did great and got a great shot on it.  We looked for a good period of time, but due to undergrowth in the woods, we were unsuccessful in finding his deer.  Ty had a great attitude about it though.  That night we sat out again and this time it was Chloe’s turn.  A doe came through quickly and Chloe felt the pressure of the hunt and couldn’t even get the deer into the scope.  I was hoping that she wouldn’t let discouragement set in.  That will ruin anyone on any endeavor.  As we were sitting there waiting for more deer to come through, Ty dosed off and Chloe leaned over to me and said ” Dad I have prayed so many times this week for GOD to give me Courage to do a good job when I see a deer.”  I said,  ” Chloe I am so proud of what you prayed for, most people pray for a big buck to come through.  But you prayed for the right thing.”  I didn’t realize the fears of a nine year old.  She seemed to be thinking about her fear more than her excitement of the hunt.  I think many of us do this in most things that we do in our lives.
Fast forward to the last night of hunting,  we are bored and ready to leave.  I am keeping them out in the woods for quite a while each sit.  They were both done at this point.  Then I got a text from the house, “they are coming your way.”  Now we are in game time.  Chloe ends up spotting the doe at the end of the field in front of us.  She gets the gun set and Ty & I standing back.  She takes her time and pulls the trigger.  BOOM!! To my amazement, the deer drops to the ground at 170yds.  (I have never even shot a deer that far away)
I jump out of the hunting shack and put my arm in the air and said ” you are awesome Chloe!!!”
She responded, “I didn’t even feel like I aimed.”
I knew right then that she had an answer to prayer.  She was given Courage in the scary moment.  I am more proud of my daughter for praying for the right thing than I am about her getting a deer.
Just remember on your journey through life it will help if you pray for the right things.  God doesn’t care if you get a deer, but I believe that he can be glorified in a moment like this through a young girl asking for Courage in that moment.
Here’s  to those that seek courage like my daughter did.
Steve Morgan


  1. Thanks for sharing that great story Steve. When children turn to prayer on their own it is a sign of two great parents leading their kids in Christ. Thanks again for sharing Steve!

  2. Ed Zachow says:

    Great message to all of us, and a great lesson for your kids. Thanks for sharing Steve.

  3. jonnygroves says:

    We are so blessed to be part of a group of people where we can learn to raise our kids in a way that they have this heart. Thanks for sharing!

  4. THANK YOU for sharing your life with us, Steve! What a PERFECT thing to read this morning! Out of the mouths of babes comes the best wisdom. My eyes are leaking as I read this to Terry. We will use Chloe’s prayer and pray that God gives us courage to change many lives in the next 10 days! (and forever!) BBNQ!!

  5. marimbalady says:

    Thank you for sharing your LIFE with us, Steve! The timing of this is perfect! Out of the mouths of babes! Lord, give us the courage to do what it takes to change lives in the next 10 days! (and forever!) As I imagine your conversation with the kids, I get all teary eyed. Such pure faith. Thank you!

  6. JB Thompson says:

    Thank you for the great lesson. I appreciate your ability to teach practical information from every day moments. Congrats to Chloe for getting her first deer.

  7. Beth says:

    Thanks for the lesson my dear Chloe. We all needed it 🙂

  8. Kristi J Cortezano says:

    Reblogged this on Kristi Cortezano Leadership Blog and commented:
    What do you pray for?!?? Life leader Steve Morgan shares a fathers viewpoint of a child’s prayer.

  9. Laurie Tallio says:

    Chloe, thank you for reminding me what prayer is really about. When I am seeking courage in my life I will remember the “Chloe Courage” prayer and your faithfulness. I also appreciated that you offered to let Ty hunt first. I feel so very blessed to know the Morgan children!

  10. Tammy Forshee says:

    Awesome story! Great lesson for all of us to learn wisdom from a young person! There was no greed in her wants like most deer hunters! There was just a prayer for guidance in hunting with Dad! Love it!!!

  11. jonnygroves says:

    Reblogged this on Life Leadership and commented:
    This story by Steve Morgan is a great example of the results of modeling the right leadership behaviors in our homes.

  12. Jon Cox says:

    Hi Steve, great story and glad to see you have your kids involved in this great sport! Jon Cox

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