Jason and Kelly are an amazing couple that we get the pleasure of working with.  They are such a blessing to so many people.  They recently had the chance to go on a FREE vacation provided to them by LIFE for their achievements.  I love it when a couple can get something this cool to share with there family and not have it be a working vacation.
Here is what they had to say about the trip:
Sweezer Family Disney Trip
“It was worth it, Dad”!! That’s what the kids said everyday we were at Disney World. We knew right away that was the trip we would choose when LIFE introduced the incentive trip rewards. The three younger kids and Kelly had never been there before, and had talked about going for a long time. LIFE photomade it possible. We got to take our entire family on a 6 day, 5 night trip, with airfare in May 2013. We all had a blast. We didn’t have to do anything the whole time, except spend time together and have fun. We got to enjoy a great hotel with pool, resort benefits-like extended park hours, and great food. Thank you Steve and Beth Morgan for helping us achieve this dream trip, and to the PC for making it possible!!
I hope that everyone that reads this picks out what vacation you want LIFE to send you on as you achieve your way forward.
Here’s to the FREE trips,
Steve Morgan
  1. Beth says:

    Great job Jason & Kelly! You had to work hard, short term to earn the trip. But you get to enjoy the memories for a lifetime.

  2. Ed Zachow says:

    Thanks for sharing Steve. We are glad Jason & Kelly had a great time on their trip. We have also decided to take the Disney trip and are going in November! What a cool business that provides incentives like this. We hope there is a whole slew of people qualifying for these soon. BBNQ!

  3. Laurie Tallio says:

    Jason and Kelly, You are so deserving of this trip! The photo of your kids is awesome. It definitely looks like your kids think it was worth the sacrifice …. and they have no idea of the blessings yet to come because of the sacrifice you’ve made …. “Sacrifice is the production of sacred things”….Go Sweezers!

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