I had to buy my dog twice!!

Posted: June 7, 2013 in Family, Uncategorized
photoI had to buy my dog twice!
Let me start this post out with a story. 7 years ago we were having my daughters 2nd birthday party. After everyone was gone I started to wonder where our dog could be. He was a yellow lab that never did more than was necessary. I yelled for him from our porch, which usually worked. To my surprise, he didn’t come back. Later that day I drove up and down the road looking for him. No sign of him anywhere. I looked for multiple days after this and still nothing. I told family/neighbors to keep an eye out for him. In the back of my mind I wondered if he may have snuck off and died in the woods. I had always heard these stories of dogs doing stuff like that when they knew it was time.  Beth, Chloe and I were very sad, Winchester was like a family member. We kept moving forward with our lives and decided that he must be gone.  One day about a month after the birthday party my uncle calls me and said” I found Winchester, he’s at your old house.”  We had sold our house to some people about a mile from where we were currently living. Winchester had wandered back up to our old house. I got off the phone and called Beth to tell her to run up and get him. I was down in Indiana for the day. She went up and knocked on their door and as they answered there stood our 6yr old dog.  Beth was so happy and said thanks to the lady and called Winchester.  The lady stopped him and said ” he is our dog now and he’s not going with you.”  Mushroom cloud would best describe Beth’s feeling at that moment.  She couldn’t believe that someone would not give our dog back.  I received a phone call about 8 seconds after the door shut to our old house with our dog still inside.  She told me what had happened and I knew I was gonna have to play hardball to win this situation over now.
The following day, after getting back from out of state,  I made my way up to our old house. I knew they were heartless people that wouldn’t make this easy. As I knocked on the door I was thinking, I hope this goes good.  Lizard lady answered the door and in the nicest way I could, I tried to find a solution to recover our lost dog.  After she argued with me for a couple minutes I said, ” I really appreciate what you have done for us and our dog, the least I could do is pay you for what you have done.”  As I tried to kill her with kindness, she softened as we kept talking.  I paid her $250 for her time and effort.
I know that you shouldn’t ever have to buy your dog twice.  This situation taught me a lot about success.  Many times in your journey you will have to do more than you originally thought was necessary to achieve what you want.  Sometimes you need to do what’s necessary, not what you thought it would take.
The cool part of this story, is that we got our dog back and enjoyed another 5 years with him.  Looking back it seems like such a crazy story but, it worked out in the end.
I hope in whatever area you are trying to succeed in, you do whatever it takes to make it.
thanks for reading
Steve Morgan
  1. Steve, what a crazy story! What a great example of doing whatever it takes for success. Thanks for sharing this story.

  2. Laurie Tallio says:

    Sounds like win-win … and also shows who really loved Winchester more! Once….twice ….. three times and more …. whatever it takes on the high road to success! Thanks!

  3. Dan White says:

    Thanks Steve, That’s awesome!!!! Leaders go the extra mile. You lead from the front by example, your business is hallmarked by you and Beth always doing more than expectations. Constantly providing the WOW factor. AWESOME!!!!!

  4. Sharon Nelson-Curtice says:

    Wow, Steve! People sure do surprise you sometime, don’t they?! Great lesson on doing what it takes to get what you want, though-thanks for sharing!

  5. Kortney Cox says:

    Good Ole’ Winchester!!!! I LOVE the story you would tell about Winchester being on more plans with you than people on your own team!!!! HA!!! Great stuff Steve!!

  6. JLibolt says:

    Awesome post Steve. Exactly what I needed to hear. Whatever it takes! Get it done!

  7. Ed Zachow says:

    Love that story Steve, I am sure he was worth every penny! Thanks for the lesson, again.

  8. Thanks for sharing, Steve! Whatever it takes…BBNQ!

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