In todays world of internet traffic and social media profiles, I often wonder if people know that they are leaving finger prints all over.  What I mean by that is, everything online is there forever.  It may seem funny in the moment but in 10 yrs will it still be funny?  Many times today if you want to figure out who someone really is, just visit their personal page online and read what they have been saying.  Even bold comments on media pages can never be taken away.  They will hang there forever.  You can either make a good fingerprint of yourself online or a bad one.  Its your choice.

Sometimes as I look back on my life I think that in the moment when I said something, it was funny, but years later I regret it.  We have never lived in a time where this much info per person is being documented, good and bad.  When I read certain peoples stuff I am reminded of the old song “True Colors.” Im not sure if that is the actual name of the song but it goes,  ” I see your true colors shining through.”  It always makes me laugh when I think of that song.   I hope that we don’t go too far and wish years down the road that we would have kept a little more for the imagination for people.  I also remember the old saying, “Better to be thought a fool than to speak up and prove them right.”

I heard a gentleman talk about a principle he called “memorialize.”  He went on to explain that it meant, anything that could come back and haunt you later on.  For example, an email, text, or photo.  I am careful that when I am speaking to tell people not to video record or voice record.  Technology is so good today that they could put pieces together and make it sound like you said something that you didn’t.

700-86706 © Boden/Ledingham Circuit Fingerprint with Binary CodeI hope this brings a little thought about what people are doing and saying online, it could come back to haunt you.

thanks for reading,

Steve Morgan

  1. Beth says:

    Great reminder!

  2. Kortney Cox says:

    Good stuff Steve!!! Thanks!!

  3. Duane Sneller says:

    Great reminder Steve, I recently ran across just such a post and had to ask my self “what were you thinking.”

  4. Steve, you are totally right. People place stuff out online and they don’t realize it could have huge ramifications in the future. Thanks for the post Steve!

  5. JB Thompson says:

    Great blog Steve! Thank you!

  6. nancykpope says:

    Definitely something to think about!
    Rick & Nancy Monsipapa

  7. Ryan Calovich says:

    Thanks for the reminder Steve!

  8. David Drews says:

    Great reminder Steve. That advice has kept me from posting about 90% of the things I used to post.

  9. Laurie Tallio says:

    Often the difference between being hired-not hired, respected-not respected, etc. Our spoken and written words need the attention of our thought first. Thank you!

  10. Andy Larsen says:

    Great reminder, Steve. I try to be very cautious about things I post online for that reason. I think back to a reply I made to a posting on a message board years ago. I basically said something was funny. It had been funny to me in the moment, but weeks later, it kept gnawing at me. The post was poking fun at people who argue online (that part is still funny!) but in the process it insulted another innocent group of people. I was fortunate–I searched and found that post and was able to delete it, so it’s not out there for eternity. I wonder though if I lost credibility with those who saw it at the time. Words matter, whether they’re spoken or in print.

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