I think many people are alike, they have limiting beliefs.  I know that growing up I developed limited thinking.  The way that I overcame this personally was through the information in the LIFE business.  We have worked with Best selling authors Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady for a decade of our lives now.  It made all the difference.  They say that over the next 5 years you will be the same person except for the books you read and the people you meet.  I have asked people for years, “if we recorded you talking to yourself would you be embarrassed if we played it for others to hear?” They always say yes.  I can’t believe that we talk so negative to ourselves, but we do.  What I have found by reading the right books, is that you can do anything you put your mind to.

photoI put this picture of this horse on here to show a visual example of what most peoples obstacles look like.  Most of the time they have just learned to submit to them.  I say we break our limitations and run for the things we really want to accomplish.  Henry Ford said ” either you think you can or you think you can’t, but either way your right.”

One of the best books that I have ever read to help with this kind of thinking was The Magic of Thinking Big.  If you have never read this book I highly recommend it.

If you are tired of the same old results you should get involved in an audio education, listening to people that have had success in areas you want to win.  What you find is that you spent a lot of time comparing your weaknesses to their strengths and you hurt the way you see yourself.

My mentor Bill Lewis has one of the best stories that I have ever heard.  He grew up in a rough area in Saginaw Michigan and through getting different information and plugging into new association, is now hugely successful.  Not only is he successful in business but also in his personal life.  Thanks Bill for showing us all whats possible.  Another American success story. You could be the next.


Thanks for reading,

Steve Morgan


  1. Steve Summerfield says:

    Good stuff Steve, I liked what you had to share! I wonder what is “holding me back”? Interesting..

  2. Sharon Nelson-Curtice says:

    Great article, Steve! Negative self-talk is something I did a lot of and never realized what I was doing and how destructive it could be! Thanks to my association with the Life business and the information I have had access to I now recognize negative self talk for what it is and am in the process of breaking the habit of using it!
    I truly appreciate the leaders of Life such as Bill Lewis, Holger Spiewak, Chris Brady & Orrin Woodward as well as yourself for their leadership and transparency! I am proud to be associated with these people and all that they stand for!

  3. Clint Fix says:

    I love the picture. I know I sometimes build up obstacles in my mind even though in reality they’re almost nothing. I’m gonna print that picture out to remind myself when I come across obstacles in my path. Thanks for sharing Steve!

  4. JB Thompson says:


    Thank you for publishing a blog on this. When I meet with my associates and other people in the community this is the big problem that most of them face. If they could only understand the “Paper-thin wall” that is standing in the way of their success in their life. Thank you Steve!

  5. David J. Drews says:

    This post kind of hits home. With today being my birthday (cheap plug) I’ve spent the last few days reflecting on the past year(s) as I do every year. Instantly all the negative thoughts crept in for a couple of days. Finally caught myself on it last night. With the encouragement of last nights Open, a great Orrin Woodward CD (The Freshman Caught Me) and an AGO book, I’ve been able to once again concentrate on all the positives in my life.

    I am fortunate enough to be associated with an outstanding group of people I’ve met in the LIFE Business. From the Nighbor family, to the Thompsons, to a great downline.

    2013 is the year. BBNQ taking over Wisconsin!

    God Bless Steve.

  6. Seth Wixtrom says:

    This is a great reminder, Steve. Sometimes we just need a new perspective on our situation to realize our “goliaths” aren’t as big as we first thought. Thanks for the awesome article!
    Seth Wixtrom

  7. Ed Zachow says:

    Steve, its amazing how many successful looking people (including myself) deal with self doubt on a regular basis. We forget that everyone has these kinds of issues, not just us. The truly successful ones are the one that learn to turn this negative voice off and listen to the one that says they can do anything they set their mind to. Thanks for the post and being the example!

  8. angela4life says:

    When truth speaks, you not only can hear it, you can feel it! Great article…Thank You!!

  9. Beth Morgan says:

    Thanks for sharing this Steve. It’s so true & was a great reminder. And a big thanks to Bill & Jackie Lewis for all they do.

  10. JohnSeth Whitaker says:

    What’s holding me back? Well, Me. We can always make excuses that it’s time or money or this or that circumstance, but in reality it is always our own belief and mindset. I talked so bad to myself that for the longest time I was carried on the belief that others I knew had. …at the end of the day what you see, and believe is exactly what you will achieve…Thank you Steve and Beth for believing so much it was contagious. Great Article!

  11. Steve, this is definitely truth to how people think. That is what I love about the LIFE business. We surround ourselves with people that encourage us to grow personally and also to help us realize our true potential. Thanks for sharing and all that you do.

  12. Scott Heidrick says:

    Awesome post Steve. I had never stopped to think about how a person could hold them self back because they looked at why someone did something and comparring it to why they couldn’t. Reframing your thinking by reading, listening and associating is defiantly a great start to an awesome life!

  13. Laurie Tallio says:

    Steve, Thank you so much for this article. Every day through information like this, I am working to help break my chain and to help lead other people to information that will help break theirs …. time to break our chains and kick our little blue plastic lawn chairs in the trash heap! Time to run with the wind 🙂

  14. Jay P. Lancy says:

    Steve , Thank you for more great LIFE lessons and reminders that there is so much more out there for us to achieve. Looking forward to seeing you and Beth at next months seminar in Punta Gorda. Thankful ! Have a great day 🙂

  15. Merle Althafer says:

    Thanks for the “garbage in, garbage out” reminder, Steve. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this horse pic. just spoke volumes!

  16. Maria Ginop says:

    Steve, Thanks for the great article! So often we forget that we were each created “for such a time as this” and end up settling into doing the same things that “society” does and forget to intentionally figure out what we were uniquely created and gifted to do. It’s been so exciting to see the transformation in people’s lives when they are reminded of this through the LIFE materials. Our family is thankful for the information that aligns with scripture and encourages us to push past the obstacles that make us lose focus. Thanks Orrin Woodward and all the LIFE community for providing such great resources.

  17. robbyandemily says:

    Very good post Steve! You’re a PC this year!! Sure appreciate all you do!

  18. Heather Richardson says:

    Thank you for helping us see past our current reality into a bright new future!

  19. Carla snair says:

    Great post, Steve! I find yours and Beth’s story truly inspirational! I appreciate you both sharing with us in Halifax a few weeks ago 🙂
    Keep inspiring! One day I will do the same!

  20. Spencer Benson says:

    Mr. Morgan,
    I wanted to say think you for this. The information you’ve brought to our attention is, as always, incredibly eye opening. I shudder to think of the paltry obstacles I’ve had to overcome just to get where I’m at (which may not be far as of yet) when compared to some of the bigger issues that people deal with. Thank you for your words.

  21. Robert Noel says:

    good picture it says a thousand words

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