I was reading a write up on Facebook back in December and was blown away by what I was reading.  It was a story about a young lady that was deaf and mute.  She was riding a horse in a competition without a saddle or bridle.  The story said that she had a special connection with horses because of her disabilities.  I went on to read that she was training this particular horse for only 21 days before this competition and that made the story even more amazing.  I watched the attached video and was blown away.  The next morning I got my kids up and had them gather around my computer and watch this amazing overcomer.

I later got on youtube and wanted to see if there were anymore videos about this lady.  To my surprise there was a video of this lady on a TV talk show and she was not deaf or mute.  She said in the interview that she had at least 800+ hrs on that horse training it to ride like that without a bridle.  I was blown away.  Everything that I thought was true just got spun on me.

I wonder how many times this happens now166910_335954766449331_1894289406_n days?  I know Facebook is well known for untrue stories to be posted.  It’s almost like people dont have to source their info anymore. Many people will put stuff out online and there is very little to no truth to it at all.  Its very sad because most people will believe it if they read it online wether it is true or not.

Click here to see the video. This link is to her blog and tells her response to the false claims.  Very interesting.  Hope this makes you think about the info you read online next time before you believe it first.


Dont fall into the trap of believing untruth.


Steve Morgan

  1. Ed Zachow says:

    Very true Steve. I am one of the trusting souls who really does believe what people tell me until I have a reason to not trust them. You cant really do that on the internet with all the posts from unknown sources and authors and what their true motives are. This is a good reminder to trust your sources and question the motives behind things that appear to be true! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Seth Wixtrom says:

    This is so true, Steve! A great reminder to always check the facts.

  3. Dan White says:

    Great stuff Steve, It’s amazing what is written on the internet. Facebook in general, but also on websites and in e mails. (I’m still waiting for my 37 million dollars for helping the exiled president of omygoshistan :). ) If nothing else the spyware, viruses and other things that we are susceptible on the internet should make us question most everything. I try to verify, but you can’t always be sure of other information. I recently found out the holocaust never happened on a website on the internet. Another 🙂 I appreciate you giving us this great example and am thankful for your leadership and consistently standing up for what is right, while also shining a light on what is wrong. Many thanks!!!!


  4. Laurie Tallio says:

    Mastery should be appreciated for its beauty …. as mastery is one of the most beautiful things there is and embodies all of the best character traits to get there …. true mastery doesn’t need embellishing or sensationalizing! There are many lessons to be learned from this video clip and the “story” behind it … we have to make sure to get our information from the right sources!

  5. David Drews says:

    I use to fall for misinformation all the time. I’ve since learned to to find a second source to verify info from social medias.

    Now if I talk about something I haven’t verified I state “I got this from an article on Facebook, so take it for what it is.”

  6. JB Thompson says:

    Thank you Steve for bringing this to light. It seems a lot of people can go online and create elaborate hoaxes. The most famous in my opinion is the Back to the Future clock. Although it has little relevance, people seem to spread the word fast about Back to the Future Day. Then others backlash and criticise and say they know the true date that was in the movie. Easy to be distracted from the real problems that people are facing. Thank you and Orrin Woodward, and the rest of the policy council for leading the charge! To a million!

    • David Drews says:

      FYI JB. The point that Doc, Marty and Jennifer traveled to was 4:29 pm and Wednesday, October 21, 2015.

  7. So True Steve! Stacy Westfall is one of the best horsewomen around! Sad that people would make up stories, but they do! As long as we research a bit, we can learn the truth! Her ride that was a tribute to her father was amazing and she has competed in The Road to the Horse against top male competitors! She is a great role model for children but sees and hears very well!

  8. Sharon Nelson-Curtice says:

    So true, Steve! It seems that our society (myself included at times) has fallen into the trap of believing everything we read on the Internet or see on TV! That’s a dangerous place to be. Thanks for reminding us to not blindly believe what is presented to us as truth; I’m so thankful to you, Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and the other leaders of the Life Business for helping us all to remove the glaze from our eyes!

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