My mentor, Bill Lewis, wrote an amazing article recently and I wanted to share it with all of you.  He is a very smart guy that thinks through things at an interesting depth.  I have learned so much from him and the info in the LIFE company.  I hope it help you as much as it did me.

Here is the article. click here for the whole article.


Are You a COI or a COA Person?

I just found some material that ties into a previous post that I did on layers.  Are you a center of influence person, or are you a center of attention person? Don’t answer too quickly; wait until I explain and then think through your answer. In the previous post on layers, I spoke about people’s fears and how they start to build up protective layers because of those fears. Then they build up layers on top of those layers to keep anyone from even getting close to those fears. These layers determine the way people respond and act under different circumstances. This new information provides a great example of how to identify if you have built up layers and maybe don’t know it. It also helps show you how you will think when you minimize the number of fears you have, which in turn, will eliminate layers.

A center of influence person is aware that every thought, emotion, word, and behavior he expresses has an effect. If you are a center of influence person, you understand that you set the tone for your relationships. You take responsibility for how you interact with others and how they treat you. You cannot control what other people think or how they behave,  yet your beliefs and behavior serve to teach others how they should treat you. If you are in a difficult situation with someone, you ask yourself, “What effect did my communication have on that person and that situation?” As a center of influence person, you see others in terms of their needs, not yours. And you acknowledge the way you feel and recognize that you are the cause.


I hope you enjoyed this article. I thought it was very thought provoking. 


Thanks for reading,


Steve Morgan

  1. Laurie Tallio says:

    I would much rather be a COI person than a COA person and plan to continue working on the 4 steps that Bill has outlined. It’s exciting to know that we can create ourselves rather than saying “that’s just how I am”. Leading by example is very clear in you Steve, from your reading, your mentorship with Bill, and implementing what you have learned!

  2. Duane Sneller says:

    Steve, it is so out of the norm to realize that we can coontinue to grow and develope. But, it’s one of the most rewarding aspects of being involved in the LIFE Buisness. Thank you for leading the way.

  3. Ed Zachow says:

    Thanks for sharing Steve, great information from you and Bill! It is good to be reminded and instructed on how we can change ourselves to benefit others.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing Steve. I really think this can be a blind spot for most people. After reading the article this is something I haven’t even thought of myself. Thanks again for sharing!!

  5. Sharon Nelson-Curtice says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Steve! Before becoming involved with the Life Business and it’s life-changing information, I didn’t know the difference between a COA person and a COI person. Now that I do, I’m excited to be able to continue to grow myself to become more of a COI person. The examples that you, Bill Lewis, Chris Brady, Orrin Woodward & the other leaders in The Life Business set are a great help in this area! Thanks for all you do!

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