Today we live in a time where it doesn’t really feel as if there are very many real threats to our day to day living here in America.  We can go to the store, go to a movie, drive through states and never worry much at all.  We really live in a time in history that is very low in the savage category.  It wasn’t long ago in history, and some present day situations, that you can read about people that feared for their lives everyday.  As Americans we are raised to be kind of wimpy tax payers.  Its almost like we don’t have that in ate desire to be the best anymore.  


A few years back I heard a speaker at an event we went to, talk about the Cycle of the Body Politic.  I had no idea what he was talking about. He then showed us an overhead.  He said that history repeats itself when people don’t learn from it.  I was blown away.  That talk changed my thinking forever.  I, like most Americans, never thought much about it.  I figured my life would be me trying to just make it.  To my surprise, my life can be whatever I want it to be.  I felt like it was a matrix moment.  One of those things that once you learn it you cant unlearn it.  

I left that weekend worried.  I heard about this progression that societies go through and how it keeps cycling.  To my excitement I was told that sometimes in history people actually were able to turn the dial back and preserve their freedom.  Ronald Reagan said that we are only one generation from losing Freedom at any point.

I have attached the chart that I was talking about earlier.  It is pretty crazy as you look at it.  I did an article recently asking people what they thought the biggest problem Americans face today and their were many great answers.  Let me tell a story that may help explain what I think Americans face as a huge issue. 

A young man walks up to someone on the street and says ” excuse me, what do you think the biggest problem our generation faces?”  The man looks down at the young boy and replies,”I don’t know and I don’t care.”

I believe that Apathy is the problem of our time.  It is so sad to see the greatest nation in history get lazy and not defend the freedoms that we have enjoyed for so long.  

I also think that the problems that we don’t know about are larger than we can even comprehend.  I encourage you to dig in and start learning about the freedom that you currently have so that you can defend it if need be.  Its much easier to keep your rights that to ever get them back once they are gone.  I think we are moving our way to Fear and maybe further.  

Lets do our best to keep Freedom for the next generation.






Thanks for reading,


Steve Morgan

  1. Laurie Tallio says:

    Wow that is a great graphic! I know people who fit every part of that diagram, but I see most people between complacency and dependency. I’m so glad you were introduced to that speaker when you were and that you are taking a stand for freedom. Correct knowledge properly applied can be an amazing thing! Thank you.

  2. This is so true Steve. It is pretty amazing when I talk to people; it is as if they are numb to what is going on. We as a country have spent so much time entertaining ourselves that when something of importance happens we don’t/can’t feel the true impact. We need more people to understand our freedoms, educate ourselves how we have gotten them and spend our life defending the freedom for the future generations of America.
    Thanks for sharing this message Steve.

  3. jkeena1 says:

    Steve, You are right on the money! So TRUE! Thanks for the post….

  4. Dan White says:

    Nice Job Steve!!!!

    I was reading how the inflated the money in Nazi Germany and it was worthless overnight. Nobody cared (apathy). Then when the economy crashed people became gravely concerned (fear). A group came to the rescue, the Nazi party (dependency). And of course we know the rest. They are taking away guns, inflating the money, grabbing mind control with the media…….It’s a slippery slope.

  5. Tim McNeil says:

    Steve, it will be young Americans such as yourself that will really have to slug it out in the trenches of this battle. When my late Father was young and fresh out of High School, he and millions of other free men fought and overcame an evil that I’m certain they thought would never again rise to power. It is saddening to me, for their sake, to see that most of today’s generation have forgotten or ignored that struggle. With the days or years (hopefully 2-3 decades) I have left, I will fight the good fight…it’s a comfort to know that men like you will fight along side of me.
    God’s Peace,
    Tim McNeil
    Team Action

  6. Ed Zachow says:

    I think some people (lots) are just so wrapped up in their home to work rut that they truly don’t think about these things. I appreciate you bringing it up and we need to encourage people to dig into their freedoms and learn to appreciate the things they take for granted. Spending some time in another country or talking to someone who didnt grow up in this country would definitely help. Thanks as always for your leadership!

  7. Josh Libolt says:

    This is very accurate Steve. Many people don’t understand what is going on, and many people don’t care. It’s kind of sad. But very thankful there are people out there who do understand whats going on, and the freedoms we have(or don’t) and these people are willing to teach and educate others. This knowledge is a major part in saving and protecting America. Great post.

  8. Matt Spencer says:

    I love your thought process and thanks for the post.

  9. James Morgan says:

    What a great post thanks for sharing it.

  10. Robert Noel says:

    The chart is very illuminating. First thought cycle of history but it is much more serious a cycle of present-and we seem to be in the 5 to 7 o’clock position. It looks like a very difficult struggle going clockwise, so I am all for rewinding 5 hours.

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