Some great friends of ours just got back from a FREE trip to Jamaica.  They earned it through the LIFE company.  We are super proud of them for earning this trip through getting a team to work together.  The Founders of LIFE (Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Bill Lewis, Tim Marks, Claude Hamilton, George Guzzardo, and Dan Hawkins) decided to put a free trip incentive out there for people early on in the business, knowing that most people haven’t been on a great trip ever, or in a long time.  Along with these trips they have also added One Time Cash Awards that just got increased significantly.  The LIFE company specializes in selling materials (cds,books. & association) to help people produce more fruit in the areas of their life that they want to get better.  Its so cool to showcase a couple like the Cox’s because you only earn a trip like this if you help others get better and make money.

I did a short interview with them and thought I would share it with you here on the blog.

Steve: How long was your trip and where did you go?

Frankie: Our trip was 5 days/4 nights. We went to Sandals Resort in Negril, Jamaica. What a gorgeous resort!

Steve:  Have you ever been sent on a free trip ever before? If not did you have a hesitation to how good a free trip could be?

Frankie: We had never been on a free trip before! We were a little nervous at first. To our amazement, it was not only seamless, but truly remarkable. The travel agency set everything up…flight, hotel, etc. We just told them when we wanted to leave, and what part of the island that we preferred! Our travel agent was very professional, friendly, and responsive. 
Steve: Can you describe the resort and the quality level?

Frankie:  The resort was first class. When we arrived at the resort, the first thing that they told us is to relax…and they would take care of everything. When we got out of the shuttle, they handed us a bottle of water and a cold rag. I tried to grab my bags, and they insisted that we did not need to carry anything. Amazing customer service.

Once inside of the resort, we met with our concierge to give us a tour and an agenda of available festivities. If you needed anything during your stay, all you had to do is call. They would set up everything (snorkeling, scuba diving, skiing, surfing, kayaking, etc.)

The beautiful white beaches were cleaned every day (not even a leaf was permitted to lie on the ground), and racked. All of the walk-ways were pressure washed/cleaned nightly. They had a group called the “Playmakers” that put on daily events…you could participate or not…no pressure. The restaurants were excellent.
Steve: Kortney can you explain how you liked the trip?

Kortney: Our trip to Jamaica was INCREDIBLE!!  We had such a great time and the resort was beautiful!  The view from our room was the crystal clear water and beautiful palm trees. Dinner on the beach listening to the sound of water and Jamaican metal drums was something I had envisioned for a long time.  It was better than I ever imagined!

For months Frankie talked about jumping off this silly cliff in Jamaica called Ricks Café!  I told him he was crazy for even having the thought until I got down there and decided we might as well do something crazy together so we BOTH jumped!  I was terrified but conquered my fear and it was SO worth it!! MASSIVE bruise and all!!

Video of Frankie jumping 30 feet into water: Click Here

Video of Kortney Jumping 20 feet into water: Click Here

Jamaica Trip

Jamaica Trip



Steve: Frankie coming from the corporate scene, how was it to just get away and have the phones off for the whole time?

Frankie: Refreshing! I felt totally rejuvenated! It gave us to time to “Think” about the future, and how valuable (blessed) it really is to take time to “sharpen” your sword. You really don’t realize how much time you have until you get away from the hustle of the daily grind. It felt like time had just stood still at moments. 
Steve: F&K:  what was your favorite part?

Kortney:It is so hard to pick my favorite part of this amazing vacation because the entire stay was so perfect!  Just having time to spend with Frankie without daily life distractions was my most favorite part.  It was just Frankie and I, palm trees, beautiful beaches, amazing food, snorkeling, some one-on-one basketball (which I won) and doing whatever whenever we wanted for 5 days!!  YA-MON’

Frankie:My favorite part was being able to spend a week with my wife without any distractions. I also enjoyed marveling at God’s creation on a daily basis. The views, and experience is something that I will never forget. There were times when I felt like “pinching” myself to make sure that it was true. I felt so grateful! It also charged me up to get ready to run for the next goal….we are going to Hawaii next!!!

This couple is a great example of 2 people reaching for excellence in their lives.  Just like Beth and I, they aren’t perfect but I have seen them grow and change to become better everyday.  We have been blessed to have them come into our lives and can call them friends.

Congrats Frankie and Kortney Cox on your success and to leading a great team of people.

Here’s to more FREE vacations,

Steve Morgan

  1. john and Heather says:

    We are so there! Thank you Frank and Kortney for painting the picture perfect!

  2. Laurie Tallio says:

    Frank and Kortney …..thank you for being an inspiration to the rest of us to qualify for our trip! I’m so glad that you had such a wonderful trip and now have the memories to hold onto for a lifetime!

  3. JB Thompson says:

    Thank you for sharing! What a wonderful free trip!

  4. Kenna Knapp says:

    Frankie and Kortney are the BEST friends and leaders we could ever ask for! We are SO proud of them and what they have accomplished! Since hearing about their trip Jason and I have decided that on our free trip we are going to leave the kids at home and actually have the honeymoon we never got to have! Thanks Frankie and Kortney for leading the way and for showing us what is possible!

  5. Bob Coe says:

    Frankie and Kortney,

    A trip well deserved. Thanks for all the support you give us and our TEAM.

    Bob Coe

  6. Ed zachow says:

    Congrats to Frank & Courtney and all the other trip qualifiers! Tina and I are really looking forward to going on our trip soon. The LIFE business rocks!

  7. libolt777 says:

    This is awesome! Congratulations to Frank and Courtney. Thanks for feeding the elephant.

  8. libolt777 says:


    We’re leaning toward Oasis of the seas. Its gonna be awesome.

  9. Kortney Cox says:

    Thanks so much Steve for this great article! Frankie and I appreciate you and Beth so much! Thank you for all you do!

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