Giving Kids an EDGE

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am so glad to be a part of a company that finds it important to reach out and teach the next generation about success.  Orrin Woodward and the LIFE founders developed this series and its been a total hit.  We all know that knowledge is power, but we don’t always live like we know it.  The EDGE series is a great way to get youth to realize that habits lead to actions and actions lead to results.  I would recommend that everyone should sponsor a young person on this series and meet with them once a month to discuss what the cd was about and what they learned.  Its only $10 a month but the info will be priceless to an emerging generation.


Orrin Woodward did an article on this just recently, I am attaching it here.  Its got some great info.



Chris Brady did it again. For months, he kept a torrent pace of emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings to influence me on the importance of LIFE skills training for youth. The results of his efforts have blown us all away. The Edge Series alone is surging past 6,000 subscribers! In fact, many of the kids are earning the money and paying for their own subscription. How do I know this? Because anyone 12 years old or above can attend a LIFE event, and the amount of adolescent boys and girls attending seminars has increased dramatically. When I speak across the USA and Canada, I routinely have multiple boys and girls, dressed in business attire, tell me their story as they ask me to sign a book or their Edge Subscription.

Leadership and life skills are crucial in a person’s life. Why wait until after the school years to realize this? Why not give your kids an EDGE? The first EDGE is parents who model the right behaviors, and the second is the Edge Series delivered directly to the home of hungry kids wanting to learn the principles of success. Packed full of stories from the successful men and women in the LIFE business, along with exclusive interviews with top names in athletics and business, the Edge Series has become one of the favorite products in LIFE. What the Mental Fitness Challenge is to adults, the Edge Series is for youth. A huge thank you goes to Chris Brady and all of the speakers who have made the Edge Series what it is. Below is a video that describes the Edge Series.


Orrin Woodward

To go to Orrin’s blog and read more click here.

Thanks for reading,


Steve Morgan

  1. Laurie Tallio says:

    Steve, I love the EDGE series. I get several of these each month and distribute them, but this article has encouraged me to set one aside every month for a young man (7th grader) in our community. Great idea!

  2. Sara Ambrose says:

    Just met with a Young person this am at Bigby Coffee house!..talking about this new EDGE Series..showed her the Freedom Plan for her Future! Gave her 2 EDGE cds to listen too..and will discuss them in 1 month!!
    Dec 22!! I am so excited for not only our Generation!..but the next!!! Thank you LIFE,for this
    EDGE series!!!!! Sara Ambrose

  3. libolt777 says:

    The Edge series is exactly what the youth of our nation needs. Thank you LIFE business for providing this.

  4. jkeena1 says:

    The Edge series is exactly what the youth of our nation needs. Thank you LIFE business for providing this.

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