We are sitting in weird times.  If you have a job, you are probably trying to make more US dollars than last year.  Seems like a simple thing, its not that easy.

I just finished reading a book written by Oliver DeMille called 1913, a fantastic book.  I think all Americans should read this.  Its an easy read, even if you aren’t an avid reader. DeMille simplifies when actual freedom started to fall in the US.  Its not one of those doom and gloom books though, he gives solutions to the problem.

I’m convinced that if the average person is just trying to get a raise they will run out of options quick.  For example, when our paper dollars are printed by a privately owned company that prints it in amazing quantities, our dollars don’t keep their buying power.

For example: If you make 80K/yr and they print Trillions and place it in the marketplace, your value of your 80K is of lesser value.  It’s a game you can’t win.  Most people that I have ever met, have no clue that the Federal Reserve is a privately owned company (a monopoly on the American money system).

A scary thing that Oliver DeMille covered in the later chapters of the book was that there has been 4 things passed since 2009 that majorly effect our rights as Americans.  I want to explain them here.

1. “No Bills of Attainder” this means no laws will form directed at specific citizens.  This one was broken in 2009 during the financial meltdown.

2. Ex Post Facto laws should never be passed.  These are laws that get passed and applied retroactively so something that is legal today may become illegal next week and you may be arrested and prosecuted for doing it even when it was legal.

3.  Seperating state and federal power. When the Health Care Bill was passed it was the first federal law to break this.  DeMille says ” The Obama-led health care law was the first federal law to break these, and it set a dangerous precedent for the future.  In short, under this model, U.S. presidents and Congress can add one or two sentences in any bill at any time that requires Americans to do or buy anything–and pretty much nobody is likely to know until the law is passed.”

4. DeMille also says “A fourth blow to the freedom came in 2012 when the U.S. adopted the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows military personnel to arrest and hold American citizens in indefinite incarceration without warrant, charges, or trial.”  He goes on to say they can do this ” without court oversight or any of the requirements of due process listed in the first ten amendments of the Constitution.”

Those 4 things are very scary, but most people are more worried about getting a $2/ hr raise next year and it wont take you forward as fast as the flow will take you backwards.  I hope that this small part of the book will get you interested in reading it.  If people dont decide to read, then according to DeMille, we are part of the problem not part of the solution.  I am very concerned about this stuff, I have kids.  Some day I will have to tell them that I either did or didn’t try to make their life better in America.

I believe most people out there are more concerned about some sporting event or season than they really are about freedom.

Chris Brady said one time, ” every fallen country leaves their stadiums behind to show what the people did at the end of the country.”


thanks for reading.


  1. Chris Brady says:

    Great book that everyone should read!!

  2. Nicholas Nighbor says:


    There are a lot of people that don’t know these truths. I am glad to work with a couple who really cares. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Laurie Tallio says:

    I care enough to care! My grandchildren are worth me knowing everything I can, and acting accordingly. It is comforting to know that although distance prevents me from being involved in their daily lives, I am involved daily in trying to improve their future lives!

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