This is an interesting strategy when you think about building a company.  I love the teaching of Orin Woodward and Chris Brady.  They are amazing guys with so much great knowledge to share.  I am attaching an article from OrrinWoodwards blog, hope you enjoy it.

Steve Morgan

Strategies for Compensated Community Building

World War II Europe

Both Chris Brady and I love studying history. War history, in particular, is a fascinating way to study leadership, strategy, and courage. Since business is basically economic warfare, where the company who best serves the customer wins (at least in a true free enterprise setting), Chris Brady and I developed a warfare analogy to describe the building of communities. First, one must conquer new territories through building depth. Second, one must fortify the territory through education and LIFE skills. Third, and the final step, one must domesticate the new territory by producing volume within the community. These three simple, but not always easy, steps produce long-term growth.

Reflecting over the years of building communities, no analogy does a better job of describing the keys to building communities – Conquer, Fortify, and Domesticate, or put another way: Depth, Numbers, Volume. When a person builds depth, he can build numbers, which ultimately leads to building volume. The majors in both Springfield and Milwaukee will covers these concepts in more detail. It reminds me of a talk I gave many years ago – Depth is not an Option. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Majors.


Orrin Woodward

  1. JB Thompson says:

    Thank you for sharing this amazing blog. It helps offer an excellent perspective.

  2. Laurie Tallio says:

    I love the cd as well where Orrin explains how the registration process in LIFE now encourages conquer, fortify and domesticate right out of the gates. Thanks for sharing,

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