The grass is always greener where you water it.

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Faith, Family, LIFE Business
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I believe that this could be a great exercise for someone to figure out where they are spending the most time in their life.

I love this title because it explains what most people deal with on a regular basis. We deal with that struggle between good and great. I grew up around people that always talked about the grass being greener on the other side. Which just meant they were dissatisfied with what they really were put here to do.  So they were constantly in a struggle, or they were constantly looking for something better, and they’re always dissatisfied.

Have you ever had the pleasure of being around a person that is totally dissatisfied and they spend all of their extra time looking for something new rather than making what they’ve got good?
I was talking to somebody on the phone one time and he explained a very interesting thought, he said “the grass is always greener where you water it.”   I thought this was an interesting scenario. Most people can relate with this because its something that is outwardly noticable.  It’s summertime in Michigan and it’s very warm this year with lots of days of no rain & 90° weather. Many lawns are just burnt up and brown and you can tell the people that run the sprinklers and those that dont.  So I will add a photo to this blog to to show the comparison of watered grass and unwatered grass.
Have you ever met somebody that doesn’t water the so-called grass of their marriage, their children,their finances?  I’ve met many people that didn’t want to be accountable for the results in their life. If it was as simple as looking at what grass is green and what grasses are burned in life , you would sure be able to figure out where people are watering things in their life.  Can you imagine seeing someone out in their front yard holding the hose over weeds and giving them all the water they could need?  I believe many people do this unintentionally.  Either way it doesn’t lead to better results.
I know for Beth and I,  we have really placed a lot of value in certain areas that we’ve wanted to get better.  We’ve called it intentional growth and we’ve made it intentional to grow in those areas just like putting a sprinkler on certain parts of your lawn. We used to think that people were either good or not good in areas, like: finances, raising children, faith or whatever.  What we found was that when people place that intentional learning into their lives in those areas, there so-called grass of that area got much greener. What are some areas that you think that you could either get better or have gotten better, and what are some ways that you’ve done so?
I know now that results in an area of life don’t come quickly most of the time.  I like the saying, “the sweets not as sweet without the sour.”  I think in this case , the greens not as green without the burnt.  It’s ok to have spots in your life that are brown grass, but hopefully they are the ones that don’t matter.  I have decided to try and water the most important areas of my life.
Here’s to your grass being greener in the areas that matter in your life,
Steve Morgan
  1. Jason Sweezer says:

    I have seen the green and the brown. Personal finance is a great place to look. If you don’t have the green you are most likely brown in that area. Grab a few moments with somebody who has that area of life watered and borrow some of that water.

    Great Blog!

  2. JB Thompson says:

    Steve, another amazing blog. You have a great conversational style to hit hard and heavy with the force of a feather. The information has helped immensly in certain areas of Carrie and my lives. Thank you for your ability to show us the green grass in our lives, and help us then find out own brown grass.

    JB Thompson

  3. Jim Croyle says:

    I love the visual relationship of watered vs. un-watered grass. I recently purchased a home that, for the first time in 15 years, did not have irrigation. I’ll install some next spring but point here is that, even with the summer’s heat and no rain, there is plenty of green. Unfortunately, all the burnt and brown stuff is grass and all the green is weeds. In my past, (Pre-Team/Life) green was green. I couldn’t differentiate between grass and weeds. So, in reality my grass was being choked out because I was cultivating weeds. This is to say, my relationships appeared to be good from a distance but they were really train wrecks waiting to happen. My finances seemed to be in order because I could afford all my payments but believe me, they were a wreck waiting to happen as well. Living payday to payday would be an exaggeration but not by much. My friendships were superficial and even though I spent nearly all of my adult life in the military, my concept of freedom was askew as well. I regularly accepted good when great was very much attainable with the proper weed and feed. I am blessed to associate with so many folks that have the proverbial “green thumb” in life.

    Thank!. Every time you post, I learn.

    God Bless!


  4. Nicholas Nighbor says:

    Steve, this is so true! As soon as a person increases awareness and decides to improve their life does get better. It also reminded me of having an attitude of gratitude; it would be hard to be blessed with more in your life if you don’t appreciate what you do have. Thanks for the post Steve!

  5. Renee P says:

    Hi Steve,
    Last night our challenge group spoke of learning from those who have instead of those who don’t. All a part of discussion on “Plan and Do” this is quite fitting. If we plan for green grass, we need to find the right water. If we don’t plan, then we’ll have the brown.

  6. robbyandemily says:

    Great analogy! Thanks Steve!

  7. ericdollaway says:

    Great analogy Steve. This is an obvious problem in the world today. To many people are too lazy or cheap to water the problems in their yard. Nothing is more important than our home turf. Nowhere near enough people are willing to put in the work at home to make the grass green. Everything good begins at home. With the principles I have and still am learning from this great organization I plan to do everything I can to share the water truck.

  8. Dan White says:

    Looking at my lawn and looking at my life……..All I can say is “Amen”!!!!! Great Stuff!!!!

  9. Laurie Tallio says:

    I have thought of this quote over and over again since I read this article. I am striving daily to apply this principle to my life and endeavors. As I witness the world around me I see how desperately people need this concept shared as well. Thank you for this article … inspiration indeed as I/we press on!

  10. I see the differences of watered grass and not watered in my personal family… I love them very much but the differences show in thoughts, words and actions… I’m sad to say it for my family’s sake but there is an ever widening gap between where they are and where Samantha and I are. I am working hard now to help influence the future generations. They may not see what we are doing behind the scenes but our results in the future will be example enough of what we had done! Thank you for leading Steve!
    God Bless
    Jeremy Pethke

  11. Kortney Cox says:


  12. angela4life says:

    Sometimes …just sometimes you have to figure out what you don’t want in order to know what you DO want ! So my grass was brown and a ton of But, I am going in with a giant tiller and breaking it down…churning it up, in order to reseed and grow the most amazing green lawn…and I mean golf course lawn! Why? Because I made a commitment to quit quitting!! I can say every time I pop a cd in it is like the sun shining down, reading…being watered and fed and sharing….that is when that grass will grow. Thanks Steve for your awesome visual!!

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