I have had the pleasure of working with Orrin Woodward over the last 10years of my life and it has been great.  He is a winner and likes to create win/win programs.  Bill Lewis did an article about Orrin just recently and I wanted to share some of it with you here.

The Shocking Truth about Orrin Woodward

If you are searching for information about Orrin Woodward and / or his business ( the-team.biz / the-life-business.com ) then you have come to the right spot.  Do you have questions about his character and integrity.  Do you have questions about how he has set up his business.  Maybe you just are trying to get a general feel about who he is as a man because someone you know has hyped him up sooooooo much.  Many people have asked me these questions over the past 14 years and hopefully this article will give you a little insight.  I am a very logical person and so my thought will be based on some simple knowledge and the facts as I know them.

First of all when digging into information about anything or anyone it is very important to make sure you are approaching the process the correct way.  When I go out into cyber world and try to find information I want to be looking for facts not people’s opinions.  Facts are hard to find in today’s world but as they say “the facts are the facts”.  Now, if it is a product you are researching it is usually pretty easy.  It worked or it didn’t work.  They liked this about the product or they didn’t like thisabout the product.  Even with that there are site’s that will only try to discredit their competitor so you will go to their site and purchase the same product from them.  When researching a person, those rules are harder to follow because the person themselves is the product and people’s opinions are usually not based on the facts they are based on feelings.  Everyone reading this has a person in your life that gives you the cold shoulder and you don’t really know why.  There are only two conclusions you can come to.  They either don’t have all the facts or you would know why they felt that way, or they are unwilling to forgive for what happened.  The interesting thing about forgiveness is when they do something incorrect I am sure they will EXPECT  your forgiveness. Click here to read the rest of the article.

Always remember that when you are looking online and learning, sometimes you have to be able to see through the crap.  I remember Orrin saying that he was ” creative destruction.”  Always remember that people don’t like those that change the game.  I love being in a time when we are able to be game changers for the world.

For more info click here

Orrin, thanks for everything that you do, and who you are.  You are a rare bird these days.

Have a great week readers,

Steve Morgan

  1. Steve, I am so fortunate to be working with you and I know that Orrin Woodward is leading the community and bringing truth back to America. Thank you for the post Steve.

    • Nick
      I am so thankful to be in business with Orrin also. I remember hearing Chris Brady say once that they will need erect a statue to a critic. Orrin is a man of Character and is doing something that hasn’t been done in America in a long time. Increasing FREEDOM to the masses.


  2. Chad Reinhard says:

    Both of y’all:

    I am excited to know the two of you. Nick for all your help and Steve for the suggestion to return home(via Nick). Thank you guys for everything you do. I cannot repay what I have been blessed with. Mr. Woodward is a man of example. I am honored to be involved with his legacy.


  3. Bill Schulz says:

    Thank you Orrin for being the example and catalyst for change that this country needs. Truth and character sure can go a long ways.

  4. As they say, consider the source. If you’re going to stand for something or dispute anything, use your real name. It’s easy to sit in front of a keyboard attacking anything using a handle and an avatar that was copped from Google images.

  5. Laurie Tallio says:

    Just yesterday I was handed an article about Orrin that was from 2008….. a little before the IAB award, the #6 leadership expert ranking, the book RESOLVED, LIFE, the MFC, etc. I certainly didn’t waste time reading it…. I am in the week seven of my Mental Fitness Challenge, and reading Orrin’s thoughts on friendship is a much more valuable use of my time (although I love the friend who passed on the article). Thank you for sharing Bill’s post on your blog ….. people like you and Beth and Bill and Jackie are so inspirational. I love to be associated with positive, vision directed people.

  6. It’s not often in ones life when they find the real deal, but Orrin Woodward is the real deal. His character and his leadership abilities are second to none. He speaks the truth, the real truth and not the polically correct twisted half truth that seems to be the norm as spoken by most of our government officials. I’m putting my hope in the leadership shown and taught by Orrin Woodward.

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