Beth and I went to Mexico on a vacation a couple of weeks ago.  It was so much fun.  The part that I thought was so interesting was when we visited Tulum.  We went on a tour of the Mayan ruins. It was an amazing experience and very enlightening. I am going to do the best to my memory to explain the story that our tour guide told us.

 The Mayans were a culture of people that lived in a climate that doesn’t really have seasons.  Our guide described them as hot & hotter.  This lead to its own problems of not knowing when or how to plan ahead for farming.  I personally live in Michigan and we have 4 beautiful seasons, so it made me very thankful to live where I do.  As we walked to the ruins she was telling us some of the story and I was blown away.  Apparently the “royal” family would, keep themselves separate from the others, and create a physical difference by elongating their skulls.  They would start this process when their baby was little, they would put a block of wood on the front and back of they babies head and tie rope around the head to create the elongated skull look.  They did this so that they could claim that they were different from the common folk.  Almost like man-gods.
This is where the story got weird, the “royal” people had a calendar and didn’t tell everyone else about it.  It was a 19 month calendar and one of the months was only 5 days long. ( it was winter solstice.)  The other months were based on the cycle of the moon.  They would go into the public and tell the people to plant the seeds and they would talk to the rain gods and see if they would bless them with rain.  You can probably imagine what kind of power would come from this type of secret.  They would sacrifice an unknown amount of people claiming that it was for the gods.  On June 20th each year there would be another created phenomenon, at sunrise, the sun would shine through a properly placed building and make a star through the front door.  Its easy to predict where to build a building when you know the calendar and the day that the sun will be there.  Once again I was amazed with the trickiness of the leaders of the mayan culture in this area.
As I was learning of this new info about the mayans I was remembering about good ole’ America and how the same thing has happened here.  Recently Orrin Woodward wrote an article about Andrew Jackson.
Here is some of the article from Orrin Woodwards Blog:

Andrew Jackson, right or wrong, was always a man of strong convictions. He stood by his libertarian principles even when it hurt him politically to do so. It takes courage to stand by one’s convictions, especially when a person is offered peace and financial rewards to surrender them. Courage isn’t the absence of fear; rather, it’s the acknowledgement that one’s principles are bigger than one’s fears, regardless of the consequences.

In today’s “situational ethics” society, principles are sold out for pragmatism, making courageous stories like Andrew Jackson’s as rare as gold-backed currency. Consequently, much could be learned by the study of Andrew Jackson’s stand against the “moneyed interest” drive to re-charter the Second National Bank. Indeed, through reading Jackson’s battles against the Bank, one yearns to find leaders with similar backbones to break the Federal Reserve monopoly on America’s money. Let’s examine this historic battle between the President Andrew Jackson of the United States of America versus President Nicholas Biddle of the Second National Bank. Several questions come to mind. First, what are the leadership lessons learned from this historic struggle between the statist and anti-statists philosophies of money? Second, how do the lessons from Jackson’s battle apply in today’s battle for monetary freedom? Click here to read the rest of the article.

I agree that our biggest problem that we face in America is the privatization of the Federal Reserve.  At first when I heard this I thought, how could this be that big of a deal?  Then I learned that it is a privately owned company that sells paper $ to the United States of America and charges us interest on it.  Now you have to think about it for a minute, thats a big problem.  We as Americans have to work very hard each and every year.  The problem is that 8 private owners of the Federal Reserve decide what we owe in the future and are not accountable to anyone.  This is pandemic is size because in 1913 the US for the 1st time since the revolution decided to let a private group, or central bank, run the future of our country.  From the revolution to the time of the Federal Reserve a dollar was worth a dollar.  Now it has the buying power of 2cents compared to a dollar in 1913.  This issue has hurt Americans in so many ways.  It has taken freedom from us and given it to private bankers.  If you think about it, this problem has had a bigger impact on the American family than divorce.  This issue affects everyone of us even if we don’t care about it.  The fact that Andrew Jackson devoted his career to stopping the bank is a big deal. This is an issue that we need to take serious in our lifetime.
In a recent CD that I heard from Oliver DeMille he said ” you will only be as free as you know how to be.”  You may the person that reads this article and rolls their eyes and does nothing.  Or you are the person that digs in and tries to learn more on this topic.  They say in life you are either part of the problem or part of the solution.  I hope for the sake of the future of our country that you decide to become educated on this topic.
Some resources to learn more:
BOOK-A guide to investing in gold and silver- Robert Kiosaki
You Tube- Freedom to Facism
Leave some comments and lets get the public more educated on this topic. If people would put aside differences and work together on this one topic we could be more free than we have ever been in 100years.
The journey of 1000 miles starts with 1 step.
Steve Morgan
  1. Rock on, Steve! This is a crucial read. Will share!

  2. Damian Smith says:

    This situation truly does force citizens to have to create massive continuous cash-flow to ever be “secure” in today’s economic standing. It is absolutely absurd that 2 of the 3 American Banks that makeup the Fed(the other 5 are European Banks…) were bailed out by the Fed itself. This system is absolutely broken and a Lose Lose for the typical hard working American!

  3. Bill Schulz says:

    What an important topic to dig into! Believing all is well and your money is worth something is like believing in Santa Claus. The difference is, when you discover Santa Claus is not real, you still get to enjoy your presents. When the bottom drops out of the dollar, you have to trade your presents for food and shelter.

  4. Dan White says:


    Thanks for a great article. This country’s financial situation is definitely pandemic proportions. More people should see that. It plagues our families as they work but can’t get ahead. If you don’t know the rules, it’s hard to win the game. Finances problems often lead to divorce. Only through truthful information will these problems begin to be resolved. Nice job in explaining the problem.

  5. Nicholas Nighbor says:

    Steve, I completely agree with you when it comes to the Fed and so many people in America do not realize the impact it has had and continues to have on our nation. Thanks for the blog post Steve!

  6. JB and Carrie Thompson says:

    An excellent article to help people begin to look into how things work. People only know what they are taught and you are teaching some great stuff here Steve. Thank you.

  7. Ed Zachow says:

    Great article Steve. Another example of history repeating itself and if we don’t take time to learn some history we are all in trouble.

  8. Indeed, history has a way of rhyming. There’s a book entitled ”The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G Edward Griffin that explains how the Federal Reserve was formed, how it works, and how it intertwines with our government.

    Once you read that, your worldview will change dramatically!

  9. Jennie Mons says:

    Thanks, Steve! This is important information–I know I was blown away by what I didn’t know. Learning about this is definitely empowering, and sharing it with others is a responsibility.

  10. Matt Spencer says:

    Great points Steve, I will be passing this on.

  11. Rob Noel says:

    Important topic Steve Morgan, to gain knowledge is to be able to share/teach it with others. I feel as an American that I am getting taken advantage of by being stuck with the bill. Press On!

  12. Laurie Tallio says:

    “You are only as free as you know how to be” is a very thought provoking quote. You mention putting aside our differences, but if we all understood the history behind where we are today, we may find that we are amazingly united.

  13. Jim Croyle says:

    I always appreciate your teaching. I’d like to say, “thanks for taking another vacation” but that just hurts to much so I’d rather characterize it as, “thanks for making another sacrifice by going all the way down to South America to learn the lesson that you then pass on to us” LOL Either way, you and Beth are an inspiration in so many ways.
    I especially like the DeMille highlight,” you will only be as free as you know how to be.” It encapsulates the notion that most US citizens believe our founding fathers established a Democracy in 1776. I am looking forward to the results of your next survey regarding that topic. I truly enjoyed the time Michele and I spent with you, Beth and the rest of the group this weekend.
    God Bless!

    Jim Croyle

  14. Steve,

    This message is a message that needs to go every American.

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