Oasis of the Seas


Last week Beth and I went on a cruise for our 10th anniversary to the Western Caribbean.  We had so much fun.  Our 1st stop was Grand Cayman and we did our 1st scuba experience.  We are hooked.  It was so cool, a totally new world was exposed to us.  Our 2nd stop was Cozumel, Mexico.  When we pulled up to port we looked over and saw this amazing ship.  The cool thing about this is that the LIFE company is giving away free trips on this ship if you do a certain amount of work. ( the work you have to do to get this amazing trip is not that much.)

Its like a small country on the water.  I can’t believe how cool it looked.  If you have anyone that you are working with or yourself wants to go on this trip, leave a comment.  Also, if you have found a cool video online about this ship please leave a link as a comment.


Happy sailing to those brave souls that will get this free cruise,



  1. Jim & Michele Croyle says:

    Steve, Michele and I are working towards that cruiseship vacation ourselves. You, Beth, Kirk, Cassie and the rest of our leadership are such an inspiration for us. The MFC, LIFE & Team are definately making a difference in our lives. See you soon!

  2. Heather R says:

    Thanks for adding fuel to the dream! !! LIFE is great!

  3. Bill Schulz says:

    HUGE! That is going to be an awesome trip, and we may even get lost on a boat. How crazy does that sound?

  4. Abe Amidon & Ashley Clark says:

    The ship looks awesome! We’re working towards this one, thanks for posting this!!

    Abe & Ashley

  5. Laurie Tallio says:

    Hey Steve,

    So glad that you and Beth had a great time on your tenth anniversary cruise!! Yet, while on your cruise you were dream building for all of us! 🙂 Thanks!

    Laurie Tallio

  6. Kortney Cox says:

    This is AWESOME!! We are pumped to get on these amazing trips with all of our closest friends and leaders!!!! I LOVE that ANYONE can qualify to go on a sweet trip just by loving/helping others live an intentional life!!! L.I.F.E IS GOOOOOOOD!!

    • Kortney

      Isn’t it crazy when you think about what we actually do, help others, and we can get these free trips. I love it. Im sure you and Frank will have an amazing time on it. Keep rocking and promise to stop back by and let all the readers know how fun the trip was.


  7. John Richardson says:

    Wow! Can’t wait to say been there! That is one cool boat! Whoo!hoo!

  8. Rick Churchill says:

    Awesome picture there. I am trip tracking for the cruise, warm weather, and a ton of fun. Can’t wait.

  9. tbcutler says:

    I am building the dream to give my wife the honeymoon she didn’t get 9 years ago. She has been researching Allure& Oasis since Columbus. I may be slow but I get the hint.

  10. Renee P says:

    I’ve never been on a cruise – ever. So I know I would love it. Just seeing that picture is a great reminder for all of us (myself included first and foremost) to get our own ships on the water. Can’t wait to test the waters out – and soon I hope!

  11. Chris Brady says:

    I can’t wait to hear the stories of people who earn these trips!!

  12. Josh Libolt says:

    That ship is huge! Going to be an awesome trip. Still amazes me that we will get to go on it for doing what we are already supposed to. Super cool reward.

    • Josh
      You will love this trip on the ship. It will be so cool for you 2. Keep doing what your doing and you will be on it. Keep us updated after you get back and tell us how it was.


  13. Kenna Knapp says:

    That is awesome! We are so blessed to be part of something that helps others and helps us as well! Not just the trips but the life changing information we get also! Can’t wait to go first to Disney with the kids! After that Mom and Dad get to have the honeymoon we never got to have!

  14. Steve, thanks for sharing! You and Beth are definitely an inspiration to us. We can’t wait to go on a trip for our honeymoon soon after our January wedding! I want to have my first scuba experience, now, too!

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