Mental Fitness Challenge

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am so pumped about this new Mental Fitness Challenge the just came out,  its gonna make such a difference for so many people.  Bill Lewis wrote and article on his blog about this also, I like it so much I am gonna share it with you.

I wanted to wait at least a week until I blogged about the new mental fitness challenge that   the chairman, Orrin Woodward, and the rest of the policy counsel recently released.  The MFC, as we call it, is the latest improvement that has been made to    To say that this has created some excitement would be an understatement.  The results of the launch have been amazing, click on this link to get some of the statistics.

The challenge is a process of helping us to improve ourselves from the mental side of things.  Orrin has studied the lives of three historical, great, Americans, and each one of them had resolutions that they worked on implementing into their life.  Orrin and Chris Brady decided that they should put together a system that helps people systematically walk themselves through that same successful process.

The challenge is great because it provides one of the most important item of success.  It tells you were you are at.  As the saying goes if you don’t where you are starting, it’s going to be really hard to get your destination.   You could be heading down a path that you don’t need to be heading down, just because you lacked the information of what path you are already on.  The test gives you a pretty accurate assessment of the things you need to improve on and the correct paths to get you there.

The other benefit of the test is it helps you focus.  You can walk outside and enjoy the sunlight but you can also take that same sunlight and shine it through a magnifying glass and light things on fire.  The same is true with our personnel growth.  We can just enjoy the fact that we are alive or we can light ourselves on fire.  We tend to naturally work on the things that we are strong at and avoid the things we are weak at.  After you take the challenge you will have a clear understanding of the areas you need to grow in and therefore keep you focused on the next thing you need to do to become better.

To read the rest click here.

 I really hope your up to the challenge.
Steve Morgan
  1. Jason Jaekel says:

    The Mental Fitness Challenge is amazing! I’ve always loved to work on my personal/leadership development skills, but this is totally unique. It’s like boot camp for my mind. The beauty of the Mental Fitness Challenge is that it helps the individual develop positive habits of reading, internalizing, and then applying the information to your life. The program does this through the ways we naturally learn, (visually, audibly, and doing). What has been eye opening to me, has been the 360 feed- back feature that the Mental Fitness Challenge has built into its 90 day program. It helps an individual get an honest baseline of where they stand in 13 different categories from themselves as well as others, and walks you through each category on a weekly basis. After a couple days your hooked on working towards the life you’ve always wanted, and I can’t express how great it has been to participate in the challenge!

  2. Laurie Tallio says:

    Just started and I love it! I have read the books and listened to many of the cds, but how did I miss the application! Hopefully I’ve applied bits and pieces over time, but I love a systematized, beautiful way to bring accountability to what we read and listen to …. and for me, it’s about time! 🙂

  3. Kirk Birtles says:

    Steve… Your leadership and purpose is shining through! Thanks for sharing and leading the charge. Love the mental fitness challenge!!!

  4. The Mental Fitness Challenge is Awesome! No one is out there but the LIFE business helping people all over the world to think, to learn, to improve, like this! I devour the books and CD’s and know this will help me in all areas of my life! Prior to College, embarrasingly, I have only read 3 books, and I ready 3 powerful books (Dream Giver, IN Cave wth A Lion on a Snowy Day, and THe Magic of Thinking Big) last month! I want to tell everyone about the Mental Fitness Challenge because of the power of changing your mind! Shut of the TV folks and dive into the MFC where true leaders assist you, not the media! You won’t regret it!

    • Tammy
      You said it so well, no one is out there doing what we are doing here. Thanks for the transparency with your book history. Congrats to you, & keep pushing. Keep us posted on the progress.


  5. Kristi J Cortezano says:

    Steve and Beth, keep leading the way your tenacity is contagious! Let the good times roll!!

  6. I LOVE the MFC! It has been such a game changer for me personally after just a week and a half! This is the best product ever!!

    • Casie

      I am glad that you are noticing a difference. I am hearing that a lot from people, that in a couple of weeks they are really noticing a difference. So glad you are having a great experience with it. Keep steady and keep us posted.


  7. Matt Spencer says:

    You and Beth are awsome leaders and I’m blessed to be on your team. Keep the new products comeing and I love the MFC!

  8. Bill Lewis says:

    the mental fitness challenge has already made an impact on many people. I have heard and seen the process in work. Many of these people are already seeing progress in their life already just because they are focused on specific areas now.

    • Bill

      Wow. I am so glad you left that comment. Its neat that people can feel and see the difference just by listening and reading. You, however, have a 30k foot view on many lives changed and the impact that info can have in peoples lives. Thanks for the comment.


  9. JB Thompson says:


    Thank you for leading the way in LIFE. The Mental Fitness Challenge is a great tool for people to improve themselves and the lives they come in contact with daily.

  10. Dan White says:

    The Mental Fitness Challenge is changing lives. One household at a time that’s how we save this country. Thinking has consequences. Thanks Steve!!!!

  11. Steve, the mental fitness challenge is absolutely awesome. My wife and I have gotten so much from it. Thank you for sharing this great information

  12. Heather R says:

    I am loving the mental fitness challenge! Over time, I’ve heard and read many of the concepts presented in the program, and have gotten good results. The mfc presents the concepts with foundational backing and examples that tie everything together so well that I FEEL the difference! It feels great to challenge my thinking and find that I am applying it to my Life. Good results before mfc have become GREAT results with the MFC!

  13. Krista Beach says:

    We love LIFE, the Mental Fitness Challenge, and the leadership of the Policy Council and Round Table! Thank you, Steve, for your leadership and dedication!

  14. Mental Fitness Challenge = Next Generation Education

    Where else can people gain and understand the skills necessary to lead a successful and significant life in all areas? I love what LIFE offers to the world! Thanks for leading Steve!!

  15. Dan White says:

    More great stories everyday about success happening around the MFC. Keep the light shining Steve!!! You only get what you focus on. Why not focus on the good, the helpful, the bettering of someones(my) life? Thanks for all your hard work!!!


  16. Renee P says:

    I can tell when I’m having an “off” kind of day and that day is when I go too long without reading something amazing like Orrin’s “Resolved” book or if I haven’t listened to a cd or if I haven’t checked out the thoroughly informative and entertaining videos from Orrin and Chris. It is hard to put into words how powerful the MFC is and has been for myself and so many others. This, my friends, is how we get to 1 million and beyond.
    Thank you to Steve, Beth and all our outstanding leaders, willing to help everyone get the LIFE they have always wanted – if they so choose to.

  17. Seth Wixtrom says:

    I SO love the information that is provided in the MFC, and in the Resolved book. I don’t know where my life would be without this info. Just the chapter and cd on Purpose(Resolution #1) is worth the cost in my opinion. Thank you, thank you, thank you LIFE Founders, for putting this program together!!!

    • Seth
      I feel the same way about the info. I have asked myself many times, where would I be without this stuff? It scares me to think of that. I am so glad that I found this info, or it found me.


  18. Chris says:

    Mental Fitness Challenge all the way. 90 days of intentional focus on improving can only benefit us and our country.

  19. Dan White says:

    Hey Steve,

    This week will be another health challenge. The LIFE materials have helped me bounce back from those challenges. Get up dust myself off and defend freedom in this country.

  20. Jim Croyle says:

    Michele and I are so grateful we have folks like you and Beth, Kirk & Cassie the rest of the RT and the amazing PC to lead us to freedom. The MFC is an amazing resource for identifying areas for improvement and the challenge groups tie it all together. Growing old happens automatically, growing spiritually and emotionally takes effort. Your examples shine on everyone around you. Thanks for taking up the fight and leading the charge.
    God Bless, JC!

  21. seltrib says:

    Do you want to make money or change the world? MCF allows us to do both …. Fired Up!

    • Pat
      I agree, we need more people standing up and fighting for freedom. Instead of working against each other they should work together and the MFC is the way to do it.


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