Who was Francis Scott Key?

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Freedom
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As I grew up in school we used to do the Pledge of Allegiance.  I didn’t think it was a bad thing.  I don’t really remember the point were we stopped doing it, but I do remember the controversy about having GOD in it.  I guess that offended some people.  Interesting topic but thats not what this blog is about.

Francis Scott Key was the man who wrote the Star Spangled Banner song.  Most of us have grown up singing this song at sporting events and even in church from time to time.  I sang the words without even knowing what they represented.  Very moving when you know what the words actually mean.

I met a guy the other day and was telling him about the video that I am attaching.  The conversation was fine until I said that they intentionally don’t teach us this in our country.  We would get emotionally connected to the cause and it wouldn’t be as easy to take from us.  He rolled his eyes and walked away.  I think its sad that the culture we live in today doesn’t even want to hear about problems, its too much work to fix them.  I understand why most people don’t want to know, because they are never provided with an answer to what they can do.

Click here for video.

That is why LIFE was formed, for people to have a vehicle to make a difference.  There is a great pack called the Freedom Pack, you should get it and learn it.  If you will make the change in your life the ripple effect can go on forever.  Enjoy the video.  I hope it inspires you to dig into real history and not just the new history that has been rewritten.  Find out the real price that was given for your freedom and encourage others to dig in.


  1. Laurie Tallio says:

    You can count me amongst those who did not know how the flag stayed up during the night… absolutely chilling. I grew up learning to say please and thank you, but did not have an appreciation for our history nor our military .. that doesn’t mean I had a negative view toward military … I just was quite happy to live free and ignorant. I am grateful beyond expression to the three influences that woke me up — my son Clark who is currently serving in the military, becoming a grandma, and TEAM & LIFE. Through this system I have learned to recognize that I did not know what I did not know, and have developed a “resolve” to learn how we as a nation got where we are today, and what is necessary to both preserve and strengthen it. Thanks for the post and the video Steve!

  2. kirk birtles says:


    Great reminder my friend! To quote our mutual friend Chris Brady and to paraphrase the Bible, ‘To those who much is given, much is required.’ It is an honor to be in this fight with you!

    God Bless, Kirk Birtles

  3. Fantastic post Steve! Thanks for sharing this bit of wisdom regarding Francis Scott Key! I must admit I was one who also didn’t have knowledge regarding the origin of the Star Spangled Banner. MORE Americans need to learn this! Thanks for being the example! God Bless

  4. Chris Brady says:


    I had heard this background on Key before, but I always enjoy refreshing my memory on the origins of one of our national symbols. May we never forget what it stands for! Thanks for the reminder!


    Chris Brady

    • Chris

      Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment. Its great to be dialoging on my blog with the #11 Leadership Guru and best selling Author about history. I thought this was such a good reminder of what freedom really costs.


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