I remember about 4 years ago, Chris Brady did a talk about doing enough work to get momentum working in your favor.  He used kite flying as the example.  Since its almost spring and for me, at Easter I always got a kite as a kid. I thought it was a good time to bring the story back out.

When you go out to fly a kite you always put the kite on the ground and run out some string.  Then you walk till the string is tight and start running.  The problem that most people have in life is that they don’t run long enough to see momentum work for them.  They run 5 steps and stop to look at their kite.  When they see their kite laying on the ground they are frustrated.  If they keep running with the kite they will get it in the air and the resistance of the wind will keep it up there.  At that point they hardly have to work to keep it in the air.  Most people just don’t put enough work together in a consistent enough time to see the “wind” work for them.

People may do this in their budget, parenting, faith, fitness or business.

I think if you looked into the areas of your life that you are trying to (“fly a kite”) get results, you could use this as a great starting point to figure out if your doing enough work in a consistent enough way to get the results to stick.

When looking at someone who has a kite way up in the air they can just let out 50-100ft of line like nothing, its frustrating, especially when yours is still on the ground.

The encouraging thing, should be, if they did it so can you.

Good luck on your Kite Flying adventures.  I hope you run long enough to see how good you can be.


  1. What a great reminder Steve. I have never thought of this concept in other areas of life really besides business. Thank you.

  2. Laurie Tallio says:

    I remember being there for that talk. I was fortunate enough to have other reasons to be downstate at the right time to be in Saginaw. Your words suggesting we use the kite analogy to “figure out if you’re doing enough work in a consistent enough way to get the results to stick” sunk in deep this morning. I recently saw a business partner share while showing the plan that he was broken in all eight F’s ….. and I feel like I need consistency and growth in ALL of them as well. I am definitely not, however, ready to leave the kite in the grass and walk home. Like you said, it’s spring —- a great time for flying a kite!

  3. jim sweezer says:

    Steve. Very true. So many times I think we quit running just before lift off. Then we have to struggle to get going again. As a kid I flew many kites and some days just aren’t as good for flying but we did anyway. We need to have this mental toughness in this business as well. Run. Run. Run. Run until it flies.
    Jim sweezer

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