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As I grew up in school we used to do the Pledge of Allegiance.  I didn’t think it was a bad thing.  I don’t really remember the point were we stopped doing it, but I do remember the controversy about having GOD in it.  I guess that offended some people.  Interesting topic but thats not what this blog is about.

Francis Scott Key was the man who wrote the Star Spangled Banner song.  Most of us have grown up singing this song at sporting events and even in church from time to time.  I sang the words without even knowing what they represented.  Very moving when you know what the words actually mean.

I met a guy the other day and was telling him about the video that I am attaching.  The conversation was fine until I said that they intentionally don’t teach us this in our country.  We would get emotionally connected to the cause and it wouldn’t be as easy to take from us.  He rolled his eyes and walked away.  I think its sad that the culture we live in today doesn’t even want to hear about problems, its too much work to fix them.  I understand why most people don’t want to know, because they are never provided with an answer to what they can do.

Click here for video.

That is why LIFE was formed, for people to have a vehicle to make a difference.  There is a great pack called the Freedom Pack, you should get it and learn it.  If you will make the change in your life the ripple effect can go on forever.  Enjoy the video.  I hope it inspires you to dig into real history and not just the new history that has been rewritten.  Find out the real price that was given for your freedom and encourage others to dig in.


I have had the pleasure of being around the teachings of Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady for 10yrs of my life now.  I have learned so much from them about how a true champion performs.  I am attaching a video to this article.  To me it explains the game that goes on for everyone out there trying to become great.  The biggest opponent is yourself.  You can either build yourself up or tear yourself down.  I watched this video and it made me think that if they only would have played on the same team against others they couldn’t have lost. Instead they spent the whole time playing each other and in the end, when one lost they both actually lost.

I read a book called The magic of thinking big and the author explains in there that you have to overcome you.  If you have not read this book yet I would highly recommend it.  Many people in life forget the game is against themselves and they spend there whole life blaming others for their lack of results.  If they would just try to be a better them today than yesterday they would win in the end.

Click here to watch the video.

Good luck on your personal journey in life.  Remember, your the biggest obstacle in your way.


I remember about 4 years ago, Chris Brady did a talk about doing enough work to get momentum working in your favor.  He used kite flying as the example.  Since its almost spring and for me, at Easter I always got a kite as a kid. I thought it was a good time to bring the story back out.

When you go out to fly a kite you always put the kite on the ground and run out some string.  Then you walk till the string is tight and start running.  The problem that most people have in life is that they don’t run long enough to see momentum work for them.  They run 5 steps and stop to look at their kite.  When they see their kite laying on the ground they are frustrated.  If they keep running with the kite they will get it in the air and the resistance of the wind will keep it up there.  At that point they hardly have to work to keep it in the air.  Most people just don’t put enough work together in a consistent enough time to see the “wind” work for them.

People may do this in their budget, parenting, faith, fitness or business.

I think if you looked into the areas of your life that you are trying to (“fly a kite”) get results, you could use this as a great starting point to figure out if your doing enough work in a consistent enough way to get the results to stick.

When looking at someone who has a kite way up in the air they can just let out 50-100ft of line like nothing, its frustrating, especially when yours is still on the ground.

The encouraging thing, should be, if they did it so can you.

Good luck on your Kite Flying adventures.  I hope you run long enough to see how good you can be.