I believe America needs LIFE, don’t you?

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Family, LIFE Business
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I am reading a new book called “Point Man” written by Steve Farrar.  Its a really good read, and very informative.  As I am reading it I am hoping that everyone will pick it up and read it.  He did a great job of explaining issues that we are facing and solutions to them.

I thought I would tell a few of his statistics and let you decide if America needs LIFE to bring quality info to the public so we can help:


-One out of every two marriages end in divorce.

-The median age for divorce is thirty-four for men and thirty for women.

-In 1960, one out of every ten households was maintained by a women with no husband present; in 1996, two out of every five households was maintained by a women with no husband present.

-Tonight, enough teenagers to fill the Rose Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl,and the average Super Bowl will practice prostitution to support drug addictions.

-One million teenage girls will get pregnant out of wedlock this year.

-Five hundred thousand of those girls will abort their babies.

-Of all the fourteen-year-old girls alive today, 40 percent will become pregnant by their 19th birthday.

-Sixty percent of American high school seniors have used illegal drugs.

-Every seventy-eight seconds, a teenager in America attempts suicide.


I am so glad to be a part of a group that is taking great info to the public and helping those statistics change.  We have a problem of pandemic proportions.  These are the kind of problems that will crumble any civilization.  There were no special life boats on the Titanic for the rich, and there won’t be in America either.

Its time to take a stand and do something about it.  Lets go make a Difference and not just a living.

leave a comment if you think America needs LIFE.



  1. Eric Dollaway says:

    You are spot on with this Steve. Only I think the numbers have grown since this book was published. Our children are our future and in my opinion LIFE is the best option to educate people on how to leave our great country to them. If we get better they will have a better chance from our example.

  2. Laurie Tallio says:

    I am about halfway through this book (a great read for women as well) …. and can’t wait to finish and then re-read my highlights. Today I am sharing LIFE information with the Gilbert, AZ Police Department and the statistics you just shared will definitely be shared with them. Thank you for your timing on this article as I do not have the book with me and am away from home. I would also like to edify John Dibala, whose life has been permanently changed by reading this book, and who has gone from someone who did not read by choice, to someone who is passionate about reading and carries a book wherever he goes.

  3. Jason Sweezer says:

    I got the point man…The point man for my house has to be me.
    …if I changed myself as a younger man I could have… Sounds like a statement of regret. I think LIFE can help people avoid the need for such statements. What is the value of that?

    Jason Sweezer

  4. Beth Morgan says:

    YES to LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sharon Curtice says:

    America definitely needs LIFE! Before getting involved with this business, I really felt hopeless about what was going on in our country. I wanted to help change things but had no idea where to start! After becoming involved and starting to get the information available through the subscriptions, I have hope again. The book Resolved, by Orrin Woodward is absolutely amazing and is a must read for anyone who wants something different for this country. Thanks to Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, and the rest of the leaders of Life for helping to facilitate the change our country needs!

  6. Alex Obiden says:

    America has needed LIFE, does need LIFE, and will continue to need LIFE. I once heard you say from stage Steve, “Christianity has been going strong with 1 book for over 2 thousand years.” The reference was great because it’s true, and it gives us all hope. Even organized religion has had its mishaps, it’s lead by humans what do we expect? The cool part is, even though it may seem everything is crumbling, all you have to do is look at the men and women who have written the books on reform, the blogs to support them, and the activist, in whatever sense, who stand for them. That’s hope. America’s past isn’t always clean, nor it’s present, and I’m sure you would agree that even it’s future will find fault in some way, but it’s not about the negative. The hope is this 1 book, written by God himself through Christ and his apostles created a reign or servant leaders that has lasted thousands of years. I am POSITIVE that, should men and women of principle sit down and read, many more books than just the Bible, so they can stand up and act, we will not merely regain freedom, we will renew freedom. LIFE is attacking the status quo of a country that really needs some TLC. So the most honest question we can be posed with is, “Why LIFE?” My answer is very simple, “What else, and who else?” LIFE, its leaders, and its members will take a stand by first standing for themselves. It is ironic, a God send really, that reminds me of the biblical quote, “Before you take the splinter from you neighbors eye first remove the log from your own.” LIFE is like a big pair tweezers meant from removing logs from eyes. As Oliver DeMille said in reference to the major, “If everyone in this room did those 3 things,” reference Freedom Matters, “then we would have a freedom shift. Guaranteed.” Cheers indeed Steve, To LIFE and To FREEDOM!

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