Dream #43- Deep Fryer, got it!!

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Fun, LIFE Business
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Recently I was looking through an old folder that we had when we 1st got involved with Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, it was hilarious.  I was only 21 at the time and was in a position that I couldn’t seem to save $ no matter how hard I tried.  Aron Radosa told us right off the bat to make a dreams list of at least 100 things.  I couldn’t get to 100. I got to 51 and was hoping they would round up.  Today many of the things on my original list are insignificant in our life, but at the time it got me to think just a little bigger.  As I look back at the beginning of our business journey, I was hoping someone else would do all the work for me and I would get rich.  I know that is a silly thought but it was where I was mentally.  If we want something bad enough we need to go out there and get it. I wanted

#43 bad enough that I went out an got it. Enjoy at my expense.


  1. Jason Sweezer says:

    Wow man now you can make corn chips with lime salt. Trust me they are AWESOME! Hard work tastes pretty good about now I bet…


  2. Laurie Tallio says:

    Hey Steve. I have heard about this list before, but seeing the whole list is very fun. I so appreciate the transparency of you and Beth….. you’ve shared your past, your journey, where you are currently, and where you hope to go …. all to inspire and instruct us, which it has! Thank you so much……. and I hope you have the sweetest deep fryer available!

  3. Andy Larsen says:

    When I first sat down to make a list, I actually had trouble getting past about 15. I was in the rut of settling for what was, instead of dreaming about what could be. Thanks for being an encourager, and believing, even when I had trouble believing in myself. You and Beth are an inspiration. Like Laurie, I had heard you talk about a few things on this list, and I appreciate your sharing it. I guess it doesn’t matter how big or small the dream…as long as it motivates you to action.

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