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Recently I was looking through an old folder that we had when we 1st got involved with Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, it was hilarious.  I was only 21 at the time and was in a position that I couldn’t seem to save $ no matter how hard I tried.  Aron Radosa told us right off the bat to make a dreams list of at least 100 things.  I couldn’t get to 100. I got to 51 and was hoping they would round up.  Today many of the things on my original list are insignificant in our life, but at the time it got me to think just a little bigger.  As I look back at the beginning of our business journey, I was hoping someone else would do all the work for me and I would get rich.  I know that is a silly thought but it was where I was mentally.  If we want something bad enough we need to go out there and get it. I wanted

#43 bad enough that I went out an got it. Enjoy at my expense.


I am reading a new book called “Point Man” written by Steve Farrar.  Its a really good read, and very informative.  As I am reading it I am hoping that everyone will pick it up and read it.  He did a great job of explaining issues that we are facing and solutions to them.

I thought I would tell a few of his statistics and let you decide if America needs LIFE to bring quality info to the public so we can help:


-One out of every two marriages end in divorce.

-The median age for divorce is thirty-four for men and thirty for women.

-In 1960, one out of every ten households was maintained by a women with no husband present; in 1996, two out of every five households was maintained by a women with no husband present.

-Tonight, enough teenagers to fill the Rose Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl,and the average Super Bowl will practice prostitution to support drug addictions.

-One million teenage girls will get pregnant out of wedlock this year.

-Five hundred thousand of those girls will abort their babies.

-Of all the fourteen-year-old girls alive today, 40 percent will become pregnant by their 19th birthday.

-Sixty percent of American high school seniors have used illegal drugs.

-Every seventy-eight seconds, a teenager in America attempts suicide.


I am so glad to be a part of a group that is taking great info to the public and helping those statistics change.  We have a problem of pandemic proportions.  These are the kind of problems that will crumble any civilization.  There were no special life boats on the Titanic for the rich, and there won’t be in America either.

Its time to take a stand and do something about it.  Lets go make a Difference and not just a living.

leave a comment if you think America needs LIFE.