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Being a part of Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady’s Leadership engine for some years now, has been a total blessing.  I have asked myself, what am I made of?

I recently watched a great movie with my kids called ” Facing the Giants.”  I would encourage you to watch it.

It made me think, why do so many people live their whole life and not do what they could have?  I know we are all like onions and we have layers that need to peel off over the years of growth.  So often I wanted to skip right to the end and have the victory.  I believe it goes, Dream, Struggle, Victory.  The Struggle is what makes us better.  I know that when I have went through any struggles they have made me a stronger person.  You will only make it as far as you think you can.

I am attaching a video clip from this movie, if we could all be a little more like Brock and figure out our potential, no telling where we could end up. Click Here

My hope is that you find out what GOD meant for you to become and you rise to the occasion.

I hope you find the extra gear in life to achieve what you can achieve.

Good luck to those brave enough to dig in and find what they are made of.