Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Following
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Teamwork is an interesting topic, because it can make all the difference. I have learned so much about this topic from Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady. They are 2 gentleman that understand teamwork.

I remember a story from a John Maxwell book that I had read at one point, where he talked about teamwork.  (I’m going from memory about the principle he shared) He told a story of a farmer that had a mule pulling a plow in the field, and a nearby neighbor was listening to him yell out, “Come on Besty,come on jack, john, pull frank.”  The witnessing neighbor walked over and asked the farmer if he realized that he only had one mule in the field.  The farmer answered ” of coarse I know that I have only one mule, but he will work much harder if he thinks he has help.”

It’s a interesting story, but amazing that people work the same way.  I would recommend if you are a part of any team, play your part and become an interdependent group.  When working as a team 10 x 10= 1000.  I remember hearing long ago that individuals grow, but teams explode!!

I hope you and your team, wherever it may be, decide to work together, rather than as individuals.

You can break one pencil easily, but put 20-30 together and its gonna be very hard to break them all at once.

Click Here to see what Teamwork can do.

Good luck on your Teamwork journey.




  1. Heather says:

    Thanks Steve! A picture truly is worth a thousand words. Watch movie “war horse” to compliment your point!

  2. Frank says:

    What a simple yet inspiring post. We have truly witnessed one of the best Team Builders over the last several years. The Morgans are AWESOME… & their results (time/$) demonstrate that by allowing them to enjoy true FREEDOM in life.

    God Bless

  3. jkeena1 says:

    Awesome !! So very true Steve. Thanks for these great reminders!!!!

  4. Laurie Tallio says:

    Teamwork is an amazing topic and frustrating “stretching” study. I love the concept of true interdependence – locking elbows to win together in a common cause, yet with individual goals and dreams. The struggle to inspire and influence people to work together as a team – to truly lead in a servant fashion – is sometimes elusive; and yet worth the journey on every level!!! The story you share here is such a great example!

  5. Brian Cotant says:

    I have struggled all my life mentally because I am a one man show. No one to blame but myself when there is failure. With a team it is comforting because we have partners who pick us back up to continue forward in the journey. Also, if one is down most of the time someone else is up which creates a current that develops a pull. When there is no current, there is no pull which results in wasted recovery time. If we dont keep momentum then its like starting the journey all over again. Teamwork is necessary to succeed efficiently in life. Thanks Steve for all you do by teaching these principles.

  6. Great post Steve! I like the visual with the video. Thanks for showing how true teamwork is done by being a great leader for the Band of Brothers. 1 Million +
    Steve Leurquin

  7. Teamwork in today’s world is a necessity to give us an edge as others are utilizing the power of teamwork. Why try to go it all alone when it’s not necessary.

    btw – nice choice on a blog look!

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