We have the pleasure of working with the #7 Orrin Woodward & #12 Chris Brady, Leadership Guru’s in the world.  I would say that the journey has been amazing.

Why did I pick this title?  Because when you decide to start learning from others that have more results in certain areas than you do, you put yourself in a position to feel uncomfortable about needing to change.  Over the years I think the word CHANGE is the killer of what could have been in many peoples lives.  I, like many, don’t like change that much either.  Change is the factor that can make everything different in someones life.

For example, if you read a: marriage, leadership, faith, or people skills book, you will hit some point in the book where it will (or should) make you look internally and say “man I’m not very good at that.”  That is a very hard comment to say, we all want to think we are great at everything.

For me personally, I have had to change a bunch, and still need to change more in my life.  The thing about change is that when you get better and look back at the old you, your glad you got better.

In the book Resolved, by Orrin Woodward, he has many great chapters in the book that I like.  The chapter that I wanted to talk about in this post, chapter 4, Programing Elephant.  Over the years I have been intimidated many times by people that dressed nice and smelled nice, but had stinking thinking.  By reading this chapter you will find that he says “By identifying what a person is feeding his elephant, one can accurately predict his future.”  That’s a powerful statement.  Most people let others feed their elephant and end up where someone else wanted them to.  I say, take the responsibility of feeding your subconscious (elephant) and end up in life where you wanted to.

Leave a comment of the most impactful book you have read.  I would love to hear the titles.

I heard Orrin Woodward say “its not about being perfect, its about striving for perfection that leads to greatness.”

Here’s to Learning- Cheers

Steve Morgan

  1. Andy Richards says:

    Thanks again Steve. I have read that chapter twice now and realized how thankful I am for the books you have recommend, they are now way more valuable to me.

  2. Nicholas Nighbor says:

    The book that has made a great impact has been The Ant and the Elephant which is the in depth description of this chapter you just wrote about. Every day we are certainly being exposed to thoughts and ideas. The day individuals can be intentional on the thoughts and ideas they place in their head their life can absolutely turn around. We are hammered by the television, radio and internet agendas that all company’s would like us to buy into. This book has been very influential in my life. This book explained that we can choose what we want to expand in our life and help those ideas become reality.

  3. Bill Schulz says:

    Not only does reading point out the things we need to change in ourselves, but it helps us learn to relate and communicate with others. One of the best books for that is Personality Plus. It helped me realize that there was more to it than the jerks, the lazy, and the absent-minded. They were the ones I seemed to run into all the time. Once I understood my ignorance, I seemed to get along with people easier. Suddenly I began to see people who were driven, thoughtful, or fun. Amazing what some good old-fashioned learning can do to open up your world, and change your perceptions.

  4. Jason Jaekel says:

    Hey Steve,

    To answer you question about the most impactful book I’ve read, I know it sounds cliche` but the Bible for me personally has been one of the most inspiring and impactful books that I have read in my life.

    I’ve only read some 473 pages straight so I still have quite a ways to go to read cover to cover, but I’m slowly working at it over the past year. If you count bible study and other light skimming, I’ve probably read a lot more bits and pieces over my life time. But, even after reading like 7-8 books of the bible straight It really speaks to me about the struggle of people throughout time.

    I firmly believe it’s a great example of how we all share the same wants fears and temptations as we did thousands of years ago. It provides purpose to my life and reassures me that God does have a plan for each and everyone of us. It personally gives me hope for a better future and that I can make a difference, which inspires me.

    As far as a “leadership” book that I’ve read, and I can point to as being a turning point, one that has impacted me and lead me into learning more about leadership, (I don’t want to freak out those that don’t feel comfortable sharing their faith or thinking that citing the bible is some sort of ultimate cop out to answering the question). A great book which I feel everyone must read and I know will have a lasting impact on them would have to be, The Servant by Dr. James Hunter.

    It was the first book that I received down on our leadership system, before I had even read the Top 5 recommended books by the LIFE/Team organization. It really got me excited about the importance leadership plays in making a difference in your everyday life. I think it is masterfully written and has the story aspect to it, so it’s an easier read for those like myself that have short attention span.

    The quote I remember the most out of book was, “you manage things. You lead people”. I thought to myself how true that statement was, and I really enjoyed the countless quotes along with the psychology that is in the book about leading people. It really goes to the heart of getting to know the people that work for you. I think more people and organizations need to read it. It’s like the how-to to truly understand how to lead people!

    Keep on putting up the great blog posts Steve. I enjoy reading your thoughts, hope this being the first reply will lead to more impactful book titles!


    Jason Jaekel

  5. Jason Sweezer says:

    I think at this point I am leaning toward “The Go Giver”. When I can read a story who’s protagonist shares a personality trait with me and still finds his success through diligence and mentoring, it gives my elephant the picture of the end goal and the courage to
    charge after it. Who wouldn’t want to win after reading that book?

  6. jkeena1 says:

    awesome Steve, thanks for constantly striving to be a better model …

  7. Laurie Tallio says:

    Wow, how do I choose? Every book has been impactful, but two that I read at the beginning of this journey always stand out … probably because of the newness of the “Aha” moments. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, especially the principle “Seek first to understand before you are understood” provided a life changing moment in my relationship with my sons. The second book that comes to mind is Secrets of the Vine. I remember being on my deck enjoying the summer sun, and suddenly realizing why I had experienced an “unrest” in my soul for several years (before finding …. or “being found” by Team)…. the answer ….. I was being pruned for new growth!

  8. Steve,

    So many books have had an impact on my life over the years, that had I realized the power of them earlier in my life I would have read more.

    To name of few of the many that have impacted me; I Dare You by William Danforth, Talent is Over Rated by Geoff Colvin, The Servant by James Hunter, The Age of Opportunity by Paul David Tripp, and LIFE by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady.

    I am just starting Resolved by Orrin Woodward and I cannot put it down. I’ll let you know my final verdict of the book after I have read it all, but if the rest is like the first chapter, it will be a winner as far as impact in my life.

  9. Ben & Casie Summerfield says:

    “Over the years I have been intimidated many times by people that dressed nice and smelled nice, but had stinking thinking.” That about sums it up for me too. We all seem to get caught up in outward appearances, which often gives a false perception of the person. Outward appearances are simply masks most of the time. Our job as fellow human beings out to help others is to dig deeper and find out who that person really is on the inside.

    • Sharon Nelson-Curtice says:

      I have been introduced to so many incredible books through my association with Team and with you and Beth that it is hard to know where to begin! I’ve always loved to read, but was never drawn to the types of books I’ve read in the last few years of working with Team. Probably the ones that have helped me the most are: Personality Plus, which helped me understand and relate to the people around me; Finding the Hero In Your Husband, which gave me an awesome new perspective on my relationship with my husband; In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day taught me to welcome the challenges in my life and to seek God’s will in the midst of them; and Orrin Woodward’s latest book Resolved and Oliver DeMille’s Freedom Shift have given me hope for our country and helped me identify a purpose for my life. Thanks for standing in the gap, Steve, and encouraging so many people to seek change in their lives! We need more leaders in our country like you who lead by example and walk the walk.

  10. Thanks so much for coming over to Wisconsin to share last night! You’re becoming one of the people who I enjoy to listen to most through your humor in stories. You really know how to connect to a crowd. Everyone I asked in my team told me that their sides were sore from laughing so much! And going beyond that, you tie in impactful principles that stick in one’s mind because you’ve connected so well.

    Thanks again, it’s truly appreciated.

  11. Matt McPherson says:

    Hey Steve,

    The book that started my leadership hunger was Covey’s 7 Habits. It opened my eyes to greater things and I realized that I was getting in the way of my own success with people. It was empowering to know that I had a choice in what the future would hold and that I was response-able for not only where I was but also where my family would go in the coming years.

    I have since re-read the book a couple times and it always will have a special place in my heart, but the vast amount of books that are being recommended to me are calling me forward. I love the Resolved book and all that Orrin and Chris represent for the future of this country.

    Lead on my Brother!

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