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Teamwork is an interesting topic, because it can make all the difference. I have learned so much about this topic from Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady. They are 2 gentleman that understand teamwork.

I remember a story from a John Maxwell book that I had read at one point, where he talked about teamwork.  (I’m going from memory about the principle he shared) He told a story of a farmer that had a mule pulling a plow in the field, and a nearby neighbor was listening to him yell out, “Come on Besty,come on jack, john, pull frank.”  The witnessing neighbor walked over and asked the farmer if he realized that he only had one mule in the field.  The farmer answered ” of coarse I know that I have only one mule, but he will work much harder if he thinks he has help.”

It’s a interesting story, but amazing that people work the same way.  I would recommend if you are a part of any team, play your part and become an interdependent group.  When working as a team 10 x 10= 1000.  I remember hearing long ago that individuals grow, but teams explode!!

I hope you and your team, wherever it may be, decide to work together, rather than as individuals.

You can break one pencil easily, but put 20-30 together and its gonna be very hard to break them all at once.

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Good luck on your Teamwork journey.




I love the following story, it really represents how we as humans should attack problems.  Bill Lewis did a great post about this, I think everyone should read it.

I’m sure everyone has heard the story of David and Goliath.  I Samuel 17 tells the story of a small shepherd boy who defied a giant and TOOK HIM DOWN.  The Philistine army and the Israelites were facing each other ready for battle.  They were positioned in a valley and had their backs to the steep slopes behind them.  The Philistine army had the advantage because they had a big whopper of a guy named Goliath who was over 9 feet tall.  The giant would come out everyday and taunt the Israeli army to come and fight.  This went on for 40 days.  Neither side would attack because it would put them at a disadvantage based on where the armies were positioned.  One day David comes to the battle field to check on his brothers.  He sees what this giant is doing and is outraged.  David  decides to go out and kill the giant with a slingshot and a bag of rocks.  David was not qualified to fight anyone, let alone a giant.  He was a teenager and not trained as a soldier but he had the most powerful weapon on his side,  FAITH.  He took his stones and slingshot, ran to the battle field and slew the giant Goliath.

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I know in my life I have always shied away from attacking a goliath in hopes that it would go away by itself.  Never does though.  I know some people do this in their marriage, finances, faith, or any of the other 8 F’s.

The one that makes me laugh is when I think back to how we handled our finances, we would do a budget only when things were BAD.  Otherwise we would spend it like we had it.

I hope you chose to slay your Goliath and move on, not just pretend its not there.

Steve Morgan

We have the pleasure of working with the #7 Orrin Woodward & #12 Chris Brady, Leadership Guru’s in the world.  I would say that the journey has been amazing.

Why did I pick this title?  Because when you decide to start learning from others that have more results in certain areas than you do, you put yourself in a position to feel uncomfortable about needing to change.  Over the years I think the word CHANGE is the killer of what could have been in many peoples lives.  I, like many, don’t like change that much either.  Change is the factor that can make everything different in someones life.

For example, if you read a: marriage, leadership, faith, or people skills book, you will hit some point in the book where it will (or should) make you look internally and say “man I’m not very good at that.”  That is a very hard comment to say, we all want to think we are great at everything.

For me personally, I have had to change a bunch, and still need to change more in my life.  The thing about change is that when you get better and look back at the old you, your glad you got better.

In the book Resolved, by Orrin Woodward, he has many great chapters in the book that I like.  The chapter that I wanted to talk about in this post, chapter 4, Programing Elephant.  Over the years I have been intimidated many times by people that dressed nice and smelled nice, but had stinking thinking.  By reading this chapter you will find that he says “By identifying what a person is feeding his elephant, one can accurately predict his future.”  That’s a powerful statement.  Most people let others feed their elephant and end up where someone else wanted them to.  I say, take the responsibility of feeding your subconscious (elephant) and end up in life where you wanted to.

Leave a comment of the most impactful book you have read.  I would love to hear the titles.

I heard Orrin Woodward say “its not about being perfect, its about striving for perfection that leads to greatness.”

Here’s to Learning- Cheers

Steve Morgan