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Orrin of has come up with another great illustration to describe the 8F growth process.  I have seen a simliar diagram used to visually show improvement in a persons golf game.  These kind of diagram are great because they give an immediate feedback on how you are doing.  bill lewis

Chris Brady and I flew up to Atlanta for a 6 hour mastermind session on Tuesday. Here is one of many concepts that were generated from brainstorming together. Generating ideas with Chris Brady is like drinking water from a firehose – fast and furious! :) I love our 17 year business partnership! LIFE is something special and I have never felt as good about community building as I do today. Laurie and I started a new leg 10 days ago and it is now over 10 levels in depth! The LIFE Business is good because it helps people become good in their Circle of LIFE. Here is Brady’s article explaining what our products do in a person’s life. Sincerely, Orrin Woodward

I had a very engaging conversation with my friend and co-author Orrin Woodward today.  As usual, we kicked around a ton of stimulating ideas and pieced together something that, in our estimation, will immediately convey greater understanding as to the purpose of the LIFE business.  (See the inset diagram).


In each of the 8 F categories of Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Following, Freedom, Friendship, and Fun, one can imagine a certain grade based upon how one is doing in that category. In the diagram the center represents horrible, as in, you are totally “stinking up the joint” (as my kids say) in a certain category. Working your way out from the center to the outer ring in any of the categories represents a stronger grade.  So someone with a dot near the outer ring is doing well in that category.  By connecting the dots on your subjective personal estimation of your life at this moment in each of the categories you can come up with a shape that roughly represents your life right now in each of the 8Fs.

Quite simply, the LIFE business supplies life-changing information to help you increase your score in each of the 8Fs.  The goal is to take someone from the not-so-good black shape represented toward the center of the diagram to the much improved (and happier, we would think) life represented by the red outline toward the outer ring of the circle.

Who doesn’t have at least a category or two, or three, or eight, in which he or she would like to have a better score? Who wouldn’t want to transform his or her life from the tiny blob (and who among us hasn’t felt like a tiny blob from time to time?) in the center to the big wheel (and who hasn’t wanted to be a big wheel at least once in his or her life?) toward the outer ring?

That’s it.  From little blob to big wheel.

But all kidding aside.  This CIRCLE of LIFE is the snap-shot diagram to which people can easily relate when it comes to understand the goal of LIFE and the life-changing information we offer.  We will help people learn and apply truth in each category and thereby improve their shape.

LIFE: Because leadership is for everyone!

I love this wheel.  My LIFE wheel used to have flat spots on it, big one’s.-Steve Morgan

  1. Heather Richardson says:

    Thanks for sharing Steve! The LIFE products are helping me identify my flat spots and im working toward a more rounded and full life. Ive still got some sharp edges, but thanks to our training, they wont stay that way!

  2. Bill Schulz says:

    Flat spots…I think mine looked like the side view of a flying saucer. This wheel brings a whole new visual to a “well rounded life”. These guys are always thinking of great ways to put our lives into perspective!

  3. Laurie Tallio says:

    I’ve done a lot of clunking on an uneven wheel ….. and then there’s been times when I thought I’ve been somewhat in balance, but a whole wheel with short spokes is a tiny wheel making a whole bunch of crazy revolutions to try to keep up … I am on a lifelong journey to help myself and others delve into information that will lengthen AND even our spokes 🙂

  4. Nicholas Nighbor says:

    Thank you for sharing this article. The LIFE materials have made a tremendous impact on our family and has really helped us focus on the important things in life. We are so excited for what is coming and can’t wait to get more information on the 8 Fs. Thanks!

  5. jkeena1 says:

    Thank you for sharing this article. The LIFE materials have made a tremendous impact on our family and has really helped us focus on the important things in life. We are so excited for what is coming and can’t wait to get more information.


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