Has Personal Development changed your LIFE?

Posted: November 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am writing this to have some interaction with the readers.

10 years ago Beth and I joined a leadership development company called Team.  Over the  10 years we have worked at getting better and leading from the front.  Now involved with the LIFE company, which is a company focused on bringing development materials to people in their lives in many areas. LIFE has 8F’s,  Faith, Family,Finance, Fitness, Freedom, Following, Fun, Friends.

Take a moment and comment on how you have noticed, or others have noticed some growth in you, since you started the personal growth journey. I know I have heard many stories from people that have gotten out of debt because of their knew knowledge they have implemented. I know of people that have come to Faith, lost 40+ lbs, taken time for their family again, realized that they could help preserve freedom, and got promotions at work.  So many great stories out there.  Please share a brief comment that tells what spot you have noticed big change.


Steve Morgan

  1. JB Thompson says:

    Personal Development was something that has changed my LIFE in major ways. I was introduced to personal development through happenstance when my older brother handed me two tapes that were about retiring young and retiring rich. These tapes sat at my house for a couple months gathering dust, little did I know that they would change my LIFE.
    A few months later I was making the trek from Wisconsin to Montana. I popped the tapes in and learned that retirement is a money issue not a time issue. This was the first fact that made me look further. I had always been told “You are going to be in debt the rest of your life, so you might as well enjoy it.” I certainly held true to that belief up until then. I was about 50k in debt and going down the path to bankruptcy for sure. I just kept spending and putting essentials on credit cards because I ‘had to live’ and ‘worked hard and deserved it!’ it seemed so much of the personal development material I purchased was telling me to be positive and invest in real estate. The materials got me excited for something else, but didn’t show me a vehicle that could get me going in that direction. So I was excited, in debt and unable to move forward. I was not able to pay the minimums on my credit cards anymore, my dream job turned into a nightmare job and i needed to do something different. I found out about a Credit Card Consolodation company. I researched them and decided to do it. The monthy payment was crippling, but I had some financial books in me by now and knew bankruptcy was not an option. So I found another job that was a blast and then I met my wonderful wife, Carrie. She was the most amazing woman I had ever met and I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. So we got engaged, moved from LA to Oshkosh, WI, got jobs and began to hunker down. She was debt free, and I was debt laden. I ended up getting a job with a car rental company in Los Angeles and they allowed me to transfer to Wisconsin. I had to start over and I worked at several branches and finally wound up in Appleton where another turning point in my LIFE would happen. I rented a car, a really terrible car (which i feel bad about now) to this soft spoken redheaded man who asked me if ‘I was open to additional streams of income?’

    That was my introduction into the TEAM system which was filled with LIFE guiding principles that has helped me in a couple of years get that debt down below 5,000 and soon to be paid off. My wife and I have the best relationship I have ever had. We get compliments from people all the time about how great we get along. We read a lot of books and had great mentors and role models like Leon and Wendy Thompson, Ron and Jama Krueger, Nick and De Nighbor and Steve and Beth Morgan. Everyday we thank the Lord that we found this personal development material that helped shape our lives and gave us a vehicle to help ourselves and others succeed in LIFE.
    I still do laugh a little that the way I found this vehicle was by renting someone a vehicle.
    I encourage everyone to dig into the information, we can all grow.
    God bless.

  2. Nicholas Nighbor says:

    Our family has has become much closer with reading and listening to the LIFE materials. Our finances have improved dramatically and we can now say we have a plan with our finances. Overall the information we have has ultimately given us access to those with results and people we can learn from. Thanks Steve.

  3. David Drews says:

    Personal development has taught me that I need to face live and all the trials that go with. I cannot ignore it and hope things will go away. It has taught me that it is impossible to move ahead with the future while hanging on to and forgiving the past (believe me I know how to hold on to a grudge.)

    But most importantly personal development has taught me that no matter what God has a plan. You can give up on him but he will not give up on you. You can curse him every night believing He is having a good laugh, but He is always watching over you. He has a plan. If you ignore that plan, He will push you. You can ignore that but he will push you harder and harder and harder. He will bring you to the brink of death if He needs to. When even that doesn’t work He will still push you until the day he pushed you far enough and realized that He was always there.

    While looking back over the years I have realized that God has always presented me with the path I was born to take. It took the friends I have made with the Team and the Team’s material to finally learn that and I thank you all.

    (Wow that was the hardest thing I have ever written but glad I did).

  4. Dan White says:

    I remember meeting a young man several years ago that was several decades younger than myself and spoke as a person several decades beyond my years. That inspired me to dig into the personal development field and immerse myself in a success environment. You have always been a shining beacon in that environment and living a life of character and integrity that I aspire to and would be more than proud should my children aspire to them. The materials of the LIFE company have served me in my faith, family, fitness, finance, friends, following, freedom and fun. I guess that’s all of them. I have belonged to a church for 7 months now after being away from the church for 40 years. I have a relationship with my family and particularly my mother that I have never had in my life. She has not only become a mother to me in my reckoning (I am ashamed that it took this long in my life and circumstances were that we were not very close at all), but she has become my good friend and confidant. My father, kids and siblings are also much closer than they have ever been. I understand some of the workings of money and finances. These things are not taught in school, nor are how to have a good marriage. I have also understood why I am a divorced individual (also something I am not proud of, especially since the information about marriage and relationships may have prevented that). I understand better how to be a friend or maybe just a person that is not so obnoxious and abrasive. These things are part of my personality which is not an excuse, but understanding them have made me a better friend. Understanding the components of freedom, not only personal freedom, but national freedom that we are losing more of everyday. Seeing this has me pledging to do something about it before my children and grandchildren have fewer freedoms than my generation. Fitness, following and fun……I now have a better definition of what those are and why they were missing in my life several years ago when I met with Tom Keena who started me on this journey. Bless that man and his wife Jeanne for standing by me and showing me what real friends are. Probably for the first time in my life. They have taught me, loved me and put up with me. They are true blessings in my life. I’m sure I have commented on more than the material because the material working in peoples lives has made all the difference to me and my family. I am a business owner that was working a million hours a week, not getting anywhere, never going to retire and alienating everyone I came in contact with.

    I am light years from that person…….and light years from the person these materials will allow me to become.

  5. Beth Morgan says:

    Personal growth has affected my whole life for the better. The main categories have been my faith, marriage, parenting & relationships overall. I’m sitting in a dentist office waiting room right now. I’ve heard an older gentlmens life story of his struggles, his divorce, and what he’s facing now. From my personal growth in knowing and caring about people, I’m able to ask questions. Then get someone talking, then sometimes they don’t stop because no one ever cares to really listen to them. He’s gone now and I didn’t get his name but his 2nd marriage might do better than the 1st if he reads any of the marriage books I recommended him. He was very thankful so my hope is that he will.

  6. Laurie Tallio says:

    Faith – I’ve learned it’s possible to go to church and not really understand what it is to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I am learning and praying and trying to grow.
    Family – I’ve learned to “seek first to understand before being understood” – thank goodness! I’ve learned that avoidance of conflict is as bad as abrasive confrontation – yikes…… information I could have benefited from MUCH earlier, but I am grateful to be able to improve on now.
    Finances – I’ve learned that although I was fortunate enough not to amass huge debt, I was starving my dreams with $7, $15, and $22 purchases!!
    Fitness – It’s been important for a long time, but even more important now…. all of these areas tie together with goal setting, focus and being persistent/consistent. My journey on earth will end in God’s timing, but I can do whatever possible to maximize the quality of each day …. and perhaps I will dance with great-great grandchildren on my 100th birthday!
    Friends – The Team has brought me some of the best friends of my life. We all have different goals and dreams, but we are all excited about creating our own destiny, and that provides an amazing commonality.
    Fun – I lost some laughter for a period of years, but this journey has brought great fun with it …… like the time a team mate and I were pulled over three times in one day (I wasn’t driving 🙂 ) and just recently in Columbus when we went to eat at the break and I, at 54, was carded (I was the first one in and learned later it was policy, but on both of these occasions I thought I was going to “lose it” with laughter).
    Freedom – I have not been one to study history or freedom. It was always important in a non-important kind of way, but now I want to learn all I can about freedom and how to maintain it. Thank you to my son Clark, whose is currently serving in Iraq, and to the information in our training system from Oliver DeMille. I know I have a responsibility to fight for my grandchildren’s freedom.
    Following – how would I have ever known that I would be introduced to a group that promoted rock solid mentorship, and I hope someday that I can not just learn from great mentors, but be one as well. I’ve been so blessed to know Steve and Beth Morgan, and to be able to listen and learn from our Policy Council. Thank you to Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward and all of the PC and Round Table members on Team for staying persistent and true to your vision of affecting one million lives. I am happy to be a part of that journey.

  7. Bill Schulz says:

    When I first met Steve and Beth Morgan I, like many others, felt that I was doing pretty good in life by most measures. I had a good paying management job, a house on 20 acres, nice vehicles, recreation equipment, a loving wife, 2 beautiful children, and money in my pocket (although never as much as I would have liked). But I could see there was something missing among all the “good” things. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew I was not living the “great” life I wanted. I was looking for something to change in my life, but didn’t know what or how. I had tried changing jobs, spending more time fishing, vacations, and drowning my frustrations through empty cans and frosty mugs. The people I associated with were very supportive of the negative habits and daily complaining sessions, but never seemed to have any advice to offer other than “have another”.

    Within weeks of my realization that the people I was hanging out with and the habits I was forming were bringing me farther from a life I could be proud of, I received a phone call from somebody who knew of another path. I feel that only by the hand of God was I put in touch with the Morgans. There seemed no good reason why I would have ever sat down with somebody younger than me, who by my measure didn’t have enough experience in the working world to have an opinion of life. But I was willing to hear about anything that sounded like a different path.

    The business presented to me was the proverbial carrot on the stick, that got me interested in starting a partnership with Steve. I saw it as a way to create extra money to have more fun in life. What I didn’t realize, was the only way to shorten the stick and reach the carrot was to stretch myself personally. Through the steps of learning the business, it was made clear to me that the only people advancing were improving their situation by improving themselves first. Not only did I get to know the Morgans better and learn the amazing depth of character they possessed, but I was soon introduced to other leaders who impressed me to the point of desiring to improve myself to be more like them. Through their guidance and recommendations I fell in love with information that would begin to change my thinking, by presenting me with truths that were unknown in my previous ignorant existence. No longer did I blame others for my situation, as I realized I had made all the decisions in life that put me in my current position.

    The changes I have noticed by developing my understanding of personalities, people skills, finances, friendships, marital relationships, freedom, and most importantly faith, have been amazing. The biggest critic in my life, my dad, has openly made comments to myself and others that he has noticed a change in me for the better. Sure he still criticizes, but the negative overtones have diminished incredibly, and he will even support me in what I do now. The confidence in myself and dealing with others has helped me not only in building a community through the LIFE business, but also in my present professional career.

    It feels good to know that not only have I changed my bad habits and negative behavior, but I am now contributing to the development of a “great” life for myself, my family, and as many others who are looking for a different path. I certainly have a long way to go and many areas to improve, but if it weren’t for the awesome mentoring and immense patience of Steve Morgan, I may have never found the path to personal development. Not that the path was hidden from view, but without guideposts along the way, it would be easy to go the wrong way. Thanks to all the Team leaders for being those guideposts for all of us!

  8. John & Shelly Whitaker says:

    TEAM was a life saver for Shelly and I. 2 years into our marriage my wife was ready to take our child and leave me. Yes, it was that bad. I was a powerful choleric. Recovering one now…I would make big desicions and when she diagreed tell her to hush because God Speaks to the man and not the women…that got me into a lot of trouble relationally. We both come from broken homes and so relationships were not modeled for us very well. Then Maddie and Bill Manderfield had the courage to make a phone call, our response…” let’s just go to their stupid meeting so they will get off our backs.” Little did we know we were walking into an arena of information that would in six months time transform our life and marriage. The ” FAMILY” F has improved so much, and for that alone will Shelly and I be ever greatful for Life and amazing leaders Luke Steve AND Beth who have helped us more than they no on our personal journey. Now we just got a new couple started in LIFE. HE IS A WAR VETERAN FROM IRAQ. Was hit by a Russian rocket. They have been seeing a VA COUNSELOR FOR TWO YEARS MOSTLY FOR THEIR MARRIAGE. LITTLE PROGRESS. they told us just 2 days of being on team system has done more for them than 2 years of counseling. He was so moved by the information he bought a top 50 the second day in the business…..People are hungry , let’s go find them . Thank you Steve and Beth..

  9. Steve,

    I know my friends, business associates and family have noticed a change in me since my involvement in TEAM just over 3 years ago. Guess who the saw the biggest change in me? Me!
    I have more enthusiasm in everything I do, more energy to tackle the day, and more hope for the future. I am blessed to have my son excited about the journey with my wife and I in business. We have developed a lot of new friends and the future looks so bright as they say I feel I need shades.

    I know this sounds too good to be true but, sorry to say I am this excited. Then to top it all off, Orrin Woodward and the Policy Council of TEAM launched a brand new company called LIFE. to be on the ground floor of what I believe will become a billion dollar company to me is so very exciting.

    Who said there is no opportunity in America for the average, above average, or below average person just has not heard of this great business. Since it is so new anyone who ever wanted their shot to do something great and be associated with others centered people this is their chance.

    I look forward to this journey with you both!

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